moses family tree

Moses Family Tree

The genealogy of Moses is a wide and intricate tree, featuring many generations and branches. Amram – his father- descended from Kehath who was part of the Levite clan founded by Jacob’s fourth son Levi. Jochebed –Moses’ mother– also belonged to the Levites; however her ancestry can be tracked back even further to Simeon, Israel’s second son.

During his journey in the open air, Moses married Ziporah, a Midianite female. He later married Tharbis – an African woman of Cushite descent – and it is assumed that their partnership produced two sons: Eliezer and Gershom.

Bezalel was a master goldsmith and artisan who built the Tabernacle and its fixtures, all of which stemmed from his great-grandfather Moses. Hur, Aaron’s grandfather and an important supporter during Moses’ exodus with Israelites out of Egypt, was also among Moses’ descendants.

Moses had a son named Joshua, who led the Israelites after him. This lineage is also significant as it ultimately produced Jesus Christ, thus making Moses an intrinsic part of Christianity’s genealogy. To this day, his descendants remain prominent in many areas around the world – a testament to Moses and his lasting influence through generations.

What line did Jesus descend from?

Jesus, Moses’ descendant, was in the lineage of Joshua.

Who was Moses’ first wife?

The first woman to wed Moses was the Midianite Ziporah.

How many children did Moses have?

When Moses married his second wife, Tharbis, he had two sons with her – Eliezer and Gershom. Additionally, another son was born to an unnamed woman: Joshua.

Who was Hur?

Hur, a descendant of Moses’, was one of the greatest advisors to his ancestor during Israel’s exodus from Egypt. He was renowned for being an invaluable asset and unparalleled in wisdom.

Who constructed the Tabernacle?

Bezalel, a descendant of Moses, created the Tabernacle and its intricate furniture with tremendous talent.

Are there still descendants of Moses today?

Indeed, there is still tangible evidence of Moses’ legacy as descendants who have spread across the globe remain to this day. They are a living reminder of his indelible mark on humanity throughout history.

What was Moses’ father’s name?

Amram, the father of Moses, descended from Kehath who was a Levite himself and claims his lineage through Jacob’s fourth son Levi. On the other hand, Jochebed (Moses’ mother) originated in a different branch within the Levites with roots leading back to Israel’s second-born son Simeon.