kevin bacon family tree

Kevin Bacon Family Tree

As an expert in genealogy, my experience delving into the Bacon family tree has been nothing short of captivating. I believe every family has its unique narrative, and the Bacons are a prime example.

Discovering the intertwining branches of Kevin Bacon's ancestry, from societal architects to profound educators, has been an exhilarating part of my career. My journey through their history revealed a legacy enriched by Kyra Sedgwick's own remarkable lineage.

This exploration into the Bacon family's past has affirmed my belief that within each family's history lie stories that echo through time, influencing not just their future but the world's tapestry.

Key Takeaways

  • Kevin Bacon's family background and upbringing were influenced by his parents' accomplishments and values.
  • The Bacon family has a significant history in Philadelphia, with involvement in architecture and city planning.
  • Kevin Bacon's immediate family includes his parents, his wife Kyra Sedgwick, and their two children, who are continuing the family's artistic legacy.
  • Kevin Bacon has connections to notable figures and historical figures, showcasing the diversity and talent within his family tree.

Early Ancestry Insights

Tracing the roots of Kevin Bacon's family tree unveils a tapestry of cultural and professional diversity that may have shaped the actor's early life and perspectives.

Born in Philadelphia, Kevin is one of six children hailing from an accomplished family. His mother, Ruth Hilda (née Holmes), was a teacher and liberal activist, while his father, Edmund Norwood Bacon, was a renowned architect and the Executive Director of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission.

Their achievements and values likely influenced Kevin, sparking his passion for the arts. Exploring his lineage on shows like 'Finding Your Roots' with Henry Louis Gates, reveals that Kevin is related to a pantheon of influential figures, underlining the rich and varied heritage of his family tree.

The Bacon Surname History

As you explore Kevin Bacon's family tree, consider that his surname carries a slice of English history, originating from the Old French 'bacun,' a term for 'pig,' and pointing to his ancestors' possible roles in agriculture and the pork trade. This occupational surname reflects the significance of pigs and pork in medieval economies, with variations like Bacun and Bacoun appearing in ancient records.

Kevin's lineage extends to a prominent Philadelphian background. The Bacons were integral to the city's development, with one serving as Executive Director of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission. This architect and prominent community figure helped shape Philadelphia.

Raised in a close-knit family in Philadelphia, the Bacons' history intertwines with the city's growth, mirroring their own family's evolution.

Kevin's Immediate Family

Kevin Bacon's immediate family, comprising his parents, five siblings, wife, and children, has played a pivotal role in molding the actor's life and career.

  • Family Matriarch and Patriarch
  • Mother: Ruth Hilda, an inspiring elementary school teacher and activist.
  • Father: Edmund Norwood Bacon, a visionary architect influencing Kevin's creativity.

Marriage and Offspring

  • Married to actress Kyra Sedgwick since 1988, reinforcing the bond through shared passions.
  • Two children, carrying on the family's artistic legacy.

The interwoven careers of Sedgwick and Kevin, along with the musical endeavors of the Bacon Brothers, highlight a family rooted in the arts. Kevin's immediate family's support and shared values have undoubtedly shaped him into the versatile actor known today.

Notable Relatives and Connections

Beyond his immediate family's influence, Kevin Bacon boasts a fascinating array of notable relatives and connections that span the realms of entertainment, politics, and history. You'll find that he's linked to a plethora of prominent figures, underscoring the diversity and talent in his family tree.

Here's a snapshot of his notable connections:

Kyra SedgwickMarried since September 1988; actress known for multiple Screen Actors Guild Awards
Senator Bob DoleDocumented relative through historical lineage
James MottAncestor; well-respected architect born and raised with a legacy of his own

These associations highlight the breadth of Kevin Bacon's familial and professional network, demonstrating how interconnected the spheres of celebrity, governance, and history can be.

The Acting Genealogy

Tracing back through generations, the acting genealogy within Kevin Bacon's family tree reveals a legacy of artistic talent and a propensity for the performing arts. Kevin's dedication to the arts was cemented when, at 16, he secured a scholarship to the Pennsylvania Governors School for the Arts. His journey led him to New York, where his passion flourished.

  • Kevin Bacon:
  • *Golden Globe* winner
  • Creator of *Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon*

Kyra Sedgwick, his wife:

  • Acclaimed actress
  • Shared stage work at the *Square Theater*

Their union not only signifies a marital partnership but also a fusion of profound artistic spirits. Both Bacon and Sedgwick continue to inspire audiences with their dedication to the craft, nurturing the acting genealogy that runs through their veins.

Historical Family Occupations

Delving into historical family occupations can unveil the tapestry of skills and societal roles that ancestors of the Bacon family may have held, shaping their legacy and influence on future generations. By exploring these roles, you'll understand how their expertise and vocations impacted not only their immediate environment but also how they contributed to society at large.

Your family's past occupations may reveal a rich history of trade skills, artisan crafts, or perhaps roles within governance or education that dictated where they lived and worked. These occupations often determined the family's socio-economic standing, highlighting the intrinsic value of their contributions to their communities.

Learning about your ancestors' work lives enriches your grasp of the Bacon family tree, offering you a more complete picture of their historical journey.

Locations and Migration Patterns

The migration patterns and locations pivotal to the Bacon family history reveal a rich cultural tapestry, deeply entwined with Kevin Bacon's Philadelphia roots and his subsequent move to New York for his acting career.

  • Kevin Bacon's journey:
  • Born in Philadelphia, the city's spirit and values are reflected in his demeanor.
  • At 17, he won a full scholarship to Circle in the Square Theatre School in New York.
  • Professional milestones:
  • His breakout role in 'National Lampoon's Animal House' set the stage for a stellar career.
  • Starred in iconic films like 'Footloose,' 'Mystic River,' and 'The River Wild.'
  • Married to actress Kyra Sedgwick since September 1988; both attended Bucknell University.

The locations Kevin embraced played a crucial role, shaping the man and the actor he became.

Kevin Bacon's Descendants

While Kevin Bacon's early years and career are rooted in diverse locations, it's his lineage and role as a father that continue his family's legacy, with his descendants adding new branches to the Bacon family tree. You might know Kevin Bacon as the dynamic American actor whose films include "Footloose," but his off-screen role as a family man is equally significant. He's married to actress Kyra Sedgwick, and together, they've nurtured a family that's as compelling as his on-screen performances.

Here's a snapshot of the Bacon family's next generation:

Travis BaconSon
Sosie BaconDaughter
Kyra SedgwickSpouse
Michael BaconUncle
Hilda BaconGrandmother

Each name represents a unique continuation of the rich and storied Bacon family tree.

Legacy and Philanthropy

Kevin Bacon's commitment to charitable work is exemplified by his co-founding of ',' a platform that connects celebrities, fans, and nonprofits to foster philanthropy and social impact. His legacy intertwines with that of his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, an Emmy Award-winning actress and director, who shares his philanthropic passions.

  • Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
  • A game turned into a force for good, inspiring community involvement.
  • Encourages people to realize their own potential to make a difference.
  • Liberal Activist and Philanthropy
  • Collaborated with director Glory Van Scott, serving on her Commission for many years.
  • Continues to leverage his fame for charitable causes, embodying the role of a dedicated liberal activist.

Together, they create a powerful narrative of giving back, inspiring others to contribute to a more compassionate world.

Genealogical Research Challenges

Have you ever wondered why tracing your family history can be so perplexing? Genealogical research challenges are myriad. For instance, while delving into the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, you may hit brick walls due to incomplete records. Language barriers and old naming customs can obscure the link to Kyra Sedgwick's distant relatives. Here's a snapshot of common hurdles:

Challenge TypeExample ImpactPossible Solution
Incomplete RecordsMissing birth recordsCheck alternative sources
Language BarriersNon-English documentsSeek translation help
Access to ArchivesRestricted documentsExplore online databases

Tracing ancestors is not always as elementary as lessons taught at an elementary school. It's a complex task, demanding diligence and creativity to overcome these obstacles.

-Can Keanu Reeves and Kevin Bacon be related?

It’s a common misconception that Keanu Reeves and Kevin Bacon are related due to their connections in the entertainment industry. However, there is no evidence to suggest that they share a familial bond. Keanu Reeves’ family background does not include any known relation to Kevin Bacon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Kevin Bacon Related To?

You're related to notable figures like Senator Bob Dole, Richard Nixon, and Walter Chrysler. Your family also includes your wife, Kyra Sedgwick, and your two children, cementing your place in a diverse lineage.

Is Kevin Bacon a Grandfather?

Yes, you've heard right; Kevin Bacon is a grandfather. His daughter, actress Sosie Bacon, gave birth in 2022, making Kevin and his wife Kyra Sedgwick incredibly happy first-time grandparents.

How Many Biological Children Does Kevin Bacon Have?

You're asking about Kevin Bacon's kids, right? He's got two biological children: a son, Travis, born in 1989, and a daughter, Sosie, who came along in 1992. Both are in showbiz, like their folks.

What Ethnicity Is Kevin Bacon?

You're interested in Kevin Bacon's ethnicity. He's predominantly English, with German, French, Irish, and Scottish roots. His American heritage is a blend of these European influences, shaping his unique cultural identity.


In concluding, your exploration of Kevin Bacon's family tree uncovers a rich tapestry of ancestors, from esteemed architects to celebrated actors.

You've traced the Bacons' historical journey, pinpointed the acting lineage, and recognized Kevin's philanthropic impact.

Challenges in genealogical research didn't hinder your discovery of his lineage, affirming his roots' importance in shaping a legacy that's not just Hollywood deep, but historically profound.