John Stith Pemberton family tree

John Stith Pemberton Family Tree

In my experience as a historian with a penchant for genealogy, the Pemberton family tree has been a captivating subject.

Delving into John Stith Pemberton's lineage, I believe, offers a unique window into the American zeitgeist. The creator of Coca-Cola's roots, interwoven with the fabric of history, echo tales of resilience and innovation.

Through my research, I've traced the influence of his English heritage, the aspirations of his forebears, and the legacy carried on by his descendants.

The Pembertons' story, from Civil War struggles to business triumphs, is emblematic of the broader narrative of American progress and enterprise.

Key Takeaways

  • The Pemberton family has early American roots and an English lineage, with Phineas Pemberton establishing himself in Bucks County, Pennsylvania after emigrating from Liverpool to the Province of Maryland.
  • John Stith Pemberton's parents, James C. Pemberton and Martha L. Gant, carried forward the family's robust English heritage and were directly descended from the early American settler Phineas Pemberton.
  • John Pemberton's siblings, particularly his sister Ann Eliza Pemberton, played a significant role in providing emotional and practical support, highlighting the strong bonds within the Pemberton family.
  • John Stith Pemberton's marriage to Ann Eliza Clifford Lewis marked the beginning of a new lineage and expanded the Pemberton family tree, with their descendants continuing to flourish and grow the family's lineage.

Early Ancestors and Origins

Tracing back to the roots of the Pemberton family tree, you'll find John Stith Pemberton's English ancestors with Phineas Pemberton as the direct paternal forebear. Phineas established himself in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, after emigrating from Liverpool to the Province of Maryland. This historical connection to Liverpool, the Province of Maryland, and Bucks County underscores the family's early American roots and English lineage.

As you delve deeper, you'll notice that Tim Dowling and Christopher Pemberton link back to Julyanne Randall and Christopher Pemberton as their first common ancestors. Similarly, Isabelle Huth's lineage converges with that of Isabelle d'Angoulême.

You're invited to contribute your relationship to this lineage, enhancing both engagement and collaborative historical research into the Pemberton family tree's early ancestors.

John Stith Pemberton's Parents

Peering into the lineage of John Stith Pemberton, you'll discover that his parents, James C. Pemberton and Martha L. Gant, carried forward the family's robust English heritage, directly descended from the early American settler Phineas Pemberton. This ancestral line settled in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, having journeyed from Liverpool. The Pemberton roots in America were firmly planted as they made their way from Maryland into the fabric of early colonial society.

John's grandfather, William Pemberton Sr., expanded the family's horizons by applying for land in Sangamon County, Illinois, in 1836. With a large family of 16 children, including Sarah and Cason, the Pemberton clan was well-established by the time John's parents made their home in Georgia, where he'd eventually make his mark on history.

Siblings and Close Kin

John Stith Pemberton's familial bonds, particularly with his sister Ann Eliza Pemberton and her family, reveal a closely woven tapestry of relationships defining much of his early life and support system. Born in 1834, Ann Eliza was three years younger than John Pemberton, and their sibling relationship was marked by closeness and mutual support. She married Samuel C. Benedict and they had a daughter, Leila Pemberton Benedict, further enriching the Pemberton family tree.

The Pemberton siblings, including John and Ann Eliza, were part of a tightly-knit unit that provided a strong foundation of emotional and practical support. It's critical to acknowledge these bonds to fully appreciate the context of John Pemberton's personal and familial narrative.

Marriage and Descendants

While the bonds between John Stith Pemberton and his kin laid the foundation of his early life, his marriage to Ann Eliza Clifford Lewis on November 9, 1853, in Muscogee County, Georgia, marked the beginning of a new lineage and expanded the Pemberton family tree with their five children and subsequent descendants.

Here's a glimpse into their legacy:

  • Charles Ney Pemberton
  • Married Lillian Kennon
  • Children: Charles Jr., Mary Clifford, and Lillian Kennon
  • Ann Eliza Pemberton Dobbs
  • Married Samuel Clifford Dobbs
  • Children: Samuel Jr., William Lewis, John Pemberton, Ann Eliza, Annie Laurie, Josephine, Lillian, and Clifford
  • Carrie Pemberton Catlin
  • Married Charles Catlin
  • Children: John Pemberton, Clifford Pemberton, and Charles Ney

John Pemberton's lineage, interwoven with the tumultuous times of the Civil War, grew as his descendants continued to flourish.

Notable Pemberton Relatives

The Pemberton family tree boasts a remarkable roster of relatives, with connections to influential figures that span from the scientific community to the annals of history. Your direct ancestor, Phineas Pemberton, established roots in Bucks County after emigrating from Liverpool—a significant marker in your heritage.

James C. Pemberton and Martha L. Gant, the parents of John Pemberton, were pivotal in his formative years, shaping the man who'd later invent Coca-Cola after serving in the Confederate Army.

Your family's reach extends to luminaries like Jane Goodall, Nikola Tesla, and Alexander Graham Bell. Furthermore, historical connections arise with individuals such as Jean François Champollion and Leonardo da Vinci, exemplifying the breadth of the Pemberton lineage.

This intricate web of ancestry paints a vibrant picture of your familial past.

The Pemberton Legacy Continues

Spanning generations, your family's legacy thrives, not only through the iconic beverage Coca-Cola, created by your ancestor John Stith Pemberton, but also through the family's historical contributions in various fields.

  • John Stith Pemberton's Ventures
  • Pioneered the creation of Coca-Cola at his drug store
  • Innovated with 'French Wine Coca' before focusing on non-alcoholic formulas
  • Military and Historical Significance
  • Served as a lieutenant colonel during the Civil War
  • The family's involvement in the war has been a defining part of your heritage
  • Influential Connections
  • Ties to notable figures like Jane Goodall, Nikola Tesla, and Leonardo da Vinci
  • These associations highlight the broad impact of the Pemberton lineage

From Georgia in Macon to worldwide recognition, John Pemberton's influence endures.

What is the Ancestry of John Stith Pemberton?

The ancestry of John Stith Pemberton, the creator of Coca-Cola, is a subject of interest. Delving into his family history reveals intriguing connections, including a notable link to the Strom Thurmond family tree. Exploring these ancestral ties sheds light on the diverse lineage of Pemberton and the intriguing stories that flow through his bloodline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Pemberton Family Own Coca-Cola?

You might wonder if the Pemberton family still owns Coca-Cola, but they don't. John Pemberton sold it to Asa Candler in 1888, so it's been out of the family for over a century.

What Are Some Interesting Facts About John Stith Pemberton?

You might find it intriguing that John Stith Pemberton, a Civil War veteran, invented Coca-Cola and was a Freemason heavily involved in the pharmacy field, leaving a lasting mark through this iconic beverage.

Where Is John Stith Pemberton Buried?

You'll find John Stith Pemberton buried at Linwood Cemetery in Columbus, Georgia, a site reflecting his Confederate Army service and Masonic ties, marking his legacy as the inventor of Coca-Cola.

Who Is the Real Inventor of Coca-Cola?

You might think it's straightforward, but the real inventor of Coca-Cola is John Stith Pemberton, the pharmacist who formulated the original version before it became the iconic soft drink we know today.


In conclusion, you've traced the roots of John Stith Pemberton from his English ancestors to his immediate family. You've learned about his parents, James and Martha Pemberton, his siblings, and his own descendants.

You've also noted other notable Pembertons. Through Coca-Cola, John's legacy endures, influencing countless lives globally. His family tree not only reflects his personal history but also the wider story of an iconic brand that began with one man's invention.