John Gotti family tree

John Gotti family tree

John Gotti and Victoria DiGiorgio had five children — Angel, Frank, Peter, Richard, and John Jr. — with Angel being the eldest of them all. She is happily married to Joseph Watts and they have two incredible kids: Jenna and Frankie.

Frank Gotti, the second-born son of John and Victoria DiGiorgio, shares a blessed marriage with his wife Toni. Together they are raising their two kids Carlina and Frank Jr., blessing them with unconditional love.

Peter, the third child of the Gotti family, is married to Karen Gravano – daughter of notorious mobster Sammy The Bull. Together they are a proud parent unit with three children: Carmine, Peter Jr., and Justine.

Richard Gotti, the fourth-born son of John and Victoria DiGiorgio, is happily married to his wife Laura. Together they have two amazing children: Christian and Lucia.

John Jr., the fifth and youngest of the Gotti children, was born in 1964. He is happily married to Kim and they share two beautiful boys – John Angelo Gotti III and Carmine.

Born in 1937, John Gotti’s elder brother Gene united matrimonially with Gloria Pozo, and they were blessed with five offspring: Louis, Michael, Victoria, Christopher and Anthony.

John Gotti’s younger brother Richard was wed to Lorraine, and the couple had two blessed offspring named Kenneth and Joanne.

Vincent Gotti, the youngest offspring of crime lord John Gotti, entered this world in 1952. He and his wife Diane are proud parents to three amazing children – Gina, Dominick, and Antonio.

As the patriarch of a big family, John Gotti was blessed with several grandchildren. His grandson, John Angelo Gotti IV is well-known for becoming one of the stars on Growing Up Gotti; a reality TV show!

Although John Gotti was notorious for his involvement in criminal activity, he was also revered as the head of the influential Gambino crime family based in New York City. His influence over the mob and illegal activities continues to be deeply felt even today, evidenced by his legacy that lives on through his children and grandchildren.

Even today, the Gotti family has a strong bond and upholds its legacy of being an emblematic figure for organized crime in New York City.

The Rise of John Gotti

The rise of John Gotti can be attributed to his involvement in organized crime activities and his ability to successfully navigate the hierarchies within the Gambino crime family. The Gambino family’s influence on Gotti played a significant role in shaping his criminal career.

As he rose through the ranks, Gotti became a trusted member of the organization, gaining respect and power within the inner circle. His strategic thinking and ruthless nature allowed him to establish himself as a formidable force in organized crime in New York City.

Gotti’s impact on organized crime in New York City was profound, as he controlled various lucrative rackets, such as illegal gambling and drug trafficking. His reign as boss of the Gambino family brought about both fear and admiration from those within the criminal underworld and beyond.

Notable Figures in the Gotti Crime Family

Notable figures in the Gotti crime family include individuals who have played significant roles within the organization. One notable figure is Angelo Ruggiero, a close associate of John Gotti and a key member of the Gambino crime family. Ruggiero was involved in various criminal activities, including drug trafficking and loansharking.

Another notable figure is Frank ‘Frankie Loc’ Locascio, who served as Gotti’s underboss. Locascio was known for his involvement in illegal gambling operations and his role in orchestrating murders on behalf of the Gotti family.

The Gotti family’s involvement in the drug trade was also prominent. They had connections to other organized crime families through their illicit activities, particularly with regards to drug trafficking. These connections allowed them to expand their criminal empire and gain power and influence within the underworld.

Overall, these notable figures played crucial roles in shaping the Gotti crime family’s operations and solidifying its position within organized crime networks.

The Legacy of the Gotti Dynasty

One lasting impact of the Gotti dynasty can be seen in its influence on organized crime networks and the continued presence of illicit activities within these networks. John Gotti, as the head of the Gambino crime family, played a significant role in shaping and expanding organized crime operations in New York City during his reign from 1985 to 2002. His leadership style, which was marked by violence and intimidation, set a precedent for future mob bosses and established his reputation as one of the most notorious figures in American Mafia history.

Furthermore, the Gotti family’s influence extends beyond their criminal activities. Their notoriety has infiltrated popular culture through books, films, and television shows that depict their rise to power and downfall. The media’s fascination with their story highlights society’s morbid curiosity with organized crime and its charismatic leaders.

Although law enforcement successfully dismantled much of the Gotti empire, their legacy serves as a reminder of the enduring allure and dangers associated with organized crime networks.

Uncovering Hidden Stories: Lesser-Known Members of the Gotti Family

A deeper exploration of the Gotti dynasty reveals the involvement of lesser-known family members in organized crime activities. While John Gotti and his immediate family have garnered much attention for their notorious reputation, there are other members of the Gotti family who have played significant roles in criminal enterprises.

Forgotten connections reveal the extensive ties between the Gotti family and other prominent crime families. These connections demonstrate how the Gotti dynasty was deeply embedded within a larger network of organized crime.

Additionally, untold scandals surround lesser-known Gotti family members, shedding light on their infamous secrets. These scandals highlight that it wasn’t just John Gotti who was involved in illicit activities; rather, various members of his extended family were also active participants in criminal endeavors.

Understanding these hidden stories provides a more comprehensive view of the complex dynamics within the Gotti dynasty.

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What are the names of John Gotti’s children?

The Gotti progeny included the names Angel, Frank, Peter, Richard and John Jr.

How many grandchildren does John Gotti have?

From his five children, John Gotti was blessed with a bevy of grandchildren. His most famous one is probably his grandson, John Angelo Gotti IV – who has made quite the name for himself in television circles.

Who was John Gotti’s wife?

John Gotti and Victoria DiGiorgio had a lifelong union, with the couple bringing five children into this world.

What are the names of John Gotti’s brothers?

John Gotti had three siblings: Gene, Richard and Vincent.

What is John Gotti’s legacy?

John Gotti’s progeny and offsprings still reverberate the airwaves with his name. He was notorious for unlawful activities; however, he received tremendous respect as head of the Gambino clan in New York City. His influence on gangland and criminal syndicates has been unyielding and far-reaching over decades to come.

How many children did John Gotti have?

Married to Victoria DiGiorgio, the infamous John Gotti proudly fathered five children: Angel, Frank, Peter, Richard and his namesake John Jr.

Who is John Gotti IV?

John Gotti IV, grandchild of the renowned mafia boss and a popular figure on the hit reality show Growing Up Gotti, is no stranger to fame.


Q: Who is John Gotti III?

A: John Gotti III is the grandson of John Joseph Gotti Sr. and the son of Peter Gotti. He is also a professional mixed martial artist.

Q: What is the Gambino crime family?

A: The Gambino crime family is one of the “Five Families” of organized crime in New York City. It was named after Carlo Gambino, who was the boss of the family until his death in 1976.

Q: Can I find John Gotti’s family tree?

A: Yes, John Gotti’s family tree is available online and can be easily searched for.

Q: Who is Victoria in the Gotti family?

A: Victoria is the wife of John Joseph Gotti Sr. She was married to him until his death in 2002.

Q: Who is Peter in the Gotti family?

A: Peter Gotti is the son of John Joseph Gotti Sr. and the brother of John Angelo Gotti. He was also a member of the Gambino crime family.

Q: What happened in 1992 to the Gotti family?

A: In 1992, John Gotti Sr. was convicted of murder and racketeering. His brother Gene Gotti was also charged and convicted of drug trafficking.

Q: Who is Victoria DiGiorgio?

A: Victoria DiGiorgio is the wife of John Joseph Gotti Sr. and the mother of his five children.

Q: Was John Gotti a boxer?

A: Yes, John Gotti was a boxer in his youth. He was also known to have a passion for the sport

Q: When was John Gotti in prison?

A: John Gotti was in and out of prison throughout his life. He was first imprisoned in 1962 and was later convicted in 1992 and sentenced to life in prison.

Q: What charges was John Gotti convicted of?

A: John Gotti was convicted of several charges throughout his life, including murder, racketeering, obstruction of justice, and more.