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Is Clearly Filtered Legit

I believe Clearly Filtered is a legitimate company, offering advanced water filtration products that remove over 230 contaminants, including fluoride and lead. They use Affinity Filtration Technology, which is highly effective and doesn't strip essential minerals. Customer feedback is a mixed bag, with high praise for product quality and some criticism of customer service and order fulfillment. Nonetheless, most users seem satisfied with the water taste and filtration effectiveness. For those interested in a deeper analysis, there's more to understand about Clearly Filtered's value and performance.

Key Takeaways

  • Clearly Filtered products remove up to 99.9% of over 365 harmful contaminants.
  • They use advanced Affinity Filtration Technology without stripping essential minerals.
  • Customers report high satisfaction with water taste and filtration effectiveness.
  • Mixed reviews on customer service, with some issues in order delivery and resolution.
  • Trustpilot reviews show varied experiences, indicating room for support improvement.

Company Overview

Clearly Filtered is a company that specializes in creating advanced water filtration products aimed at eliminating over 230 harmful contaminants from tap water. They offer innovative solutions like the Clearly Filtered Water and the Filtered Water Pitcher to guarantee safe drinking water.

I've observed that the company's technology targets contaminants including fluoride, lead, BPA, and glyphosate, among others. Evidence from customer reviews on platforms like Trustpilot indicates varied experiences, with some praising the effectiveness of the filtration and others noting concerns about product quality and customer service.

Clearly Filtered's mission focuses on providing reliable water filtration solutions for individuals concerned about water quality and safety, aiming to serve communities by ensuring access to cleaner, healthier water.

Product Range

Moving from the company's mission to their offerings, Clearly Filtered provides a diverse product range that includes pitchers and under-sink filters designed to remove over 230 contaminants from drinking water. Their water filters are praised for effectively eliminating harmful substances like fluoride, lead, and chlorine.

Here's a quick comparison:

Product TypeKey Contaminants RemovedCustomer Feedback
Pitcher FilterFluoride, Lead, ChlorineHighly effective
Under-Sink FilterFluoride, Lead, ChlorineHigh satisfaction

These products cater to those who prioritize health and safety in their drinking water. The Pitcher Filter is particularly convenient for everyday use, while under-sink options offer more robust filtration solutions. Clearly Filtered stands out for its commitment to high-quality water filtration.

Filtration Technology

Affinity Filtration Technology, used by Clearly Filtered, removes up to 99.9% of over 365 harmful contaminants from tap water, showcasing its advanced filtration capabilities.

This technology effectively targets impurities, including fluoride, lead, BPA, glyphosate, PFOAs, and hormones, surpassing the performance of three leading brand-name pitchers combined.

Clearly Filtered's water filter doesn't strip away essential minerals that the body needs, ensuring that the water remains both pure and beneficial.

By leveraging this sophisticated Filtration Technology, Clearly Filtered provides a reliable solution for delivering clean and safe drinking water.

This commitment to exceptional filtration aligns well with the goal of serving others, offering peace of mind about the quality of water consumed daily.

Customer Reviews

Among customer reviews, feedback on Clearly Filtered's products and services reveals a mixed but generally positive perception. Earl commended the customer service for promptly addressing a defective filter issue, ensuring his access to clean water. Blandine echoed similar sentiments, highly recommending the brand for both product quality and service.

Conversely, Brett Ashy encountered problems with a misdelivered filter and poor resolution, highlighting potential inconsistencies in service. Jim Jarvis faced issues with additional items in the filter kit, though specifics remain unclear. Cosmic Ray experienced delays in receiving their order, suggesting logistical challenges.

Despite occasional difficulties, the overall sentiment leans towards satisfaction, particularly in product performance and filter replacement reliability. It's evident that Clearly Filtered aims to serve its customers well.

Common Complaints

While customer reviews generally reflect satisfaction with Clearly Filtered's product performance, several common complaints focus on order delays and inconsistent customer service experiences.

Customers have reported delays in receiving their orders, which has led to frustration, especially when clear communication about these delays was lacking. Some users mentioned misdelivered items and poor resolution efforts, further exacerbating their dissatisfaction.

Despite the positive feedback on the water taste, the fulfillment process has drawn criticism due to unmet promises regarding delivery times. Communication gaps with customer service have been a recurrent issue, with some customers feeling their concerns weren't adequately addressed.

These factors contribute to a perception of inconsistency in Clearly Filtered's service delivery.

Quality of Materials

Clearly Filtered pitchers utilize 100% BPA/BPS-free medical-grade Tritan materials, ensuring both safety and durability. This high-quality material prevents any harmful chemicals from leaching into the drinking water, making the pitchers a reliable choice for those prioritizing health.

The built-in Water Dam effectively separates unfiltered water from filtered water, which guarantees maximum filtration efficiency. Although the price tag of $81 for the pitcher and one filter may seem steep initially, it represents a long-term investment in ensuring access to clean, safe drinking water.

The oversized handle and thoughtful design further contribute to the product's robustness and ease of use. Overall, the premium materials and design elements confirm Clearly Filtered's commitment to providing a trustworthy filtration solution.

Ease of Use

Using the Clearly Filtered pitcher is straightforward, thanks to its user-focused design and practical features. With an 80 oz capacity, you won't be constantly refilling it, making it ideal for busy days. Replacing the filter is quick and hassle-free, guaranteeing that you won't waste time on maintenance. Plus, the subscription service means you'll always have a new filter when you need to replace the old one. No guesswork is involved with filter replacements, so peak performance is assured.

80 oz CapacityFewer refillsIdeal for busy households
Quick Filter ReplacementSaves timeEnsures ease of use
Subscription ServiceTimely filter replacementsNo need to remember when to replace

These features collectively enhance the user experience, making water filtration seamless for everyone.

Value for Money

After appreciating the user-friendly design, it's important to evaluate whether Clearly Filtered offers substantial value for money, considering its long-lasting filters and competitive pricing.

Clearly Filtered's pitcher, priced at $81, includes a filter with an impressive lifespan of 100 gallons, approximately four months. This longevity means fewer replacements, leading to significant savings over time. The robust filtering capabilities guarantee high-quality tap water, free from contaminants, enhancing both safety and taste.

This cost-effective solution not only provides clean water but also fosters health without financial strain. Additionally, the company offers a Money Back guarantee, reinforcing their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Clearly Filtered proves to be a valuable investment for anyone prioritizing both their health and budget.

Customer Support

Evaluating Clearly Filtered's customer support reveals a mixed bag of experiences, with responsiveness praised by some users and delays criticized by others. Some customers report that defective filters for the Clearly Filtered Pitcher were promptly replaced, indicating a commitment to resolving product issues. However, other users have faced dissatisfaction due to misdeliveries and delayed order fulfillment, highlighting inconsistencies in service.

While some interactions have been positive, with efficient and clear communication, others have encountered challenges, particularly in processing orders. Clearly Filtered's customer service variability suggests room for improvement. Their independently tested products are commendable, but enhancing customer support could solidify their reputation.

Users seeking reliable support should weigh these mixed reviews carefully.

Final Verdict

Balancing the strengths of Clearly Filtered's advanced filtration technology against the reported inconsistencies in customer support, it's evident that prospective buyers must weigh both aspects carefully before making a decision. The effectiveness in removing harmful substances like fluoride, lead, and chlorine is well-documented, and many number of people have shared positive experiences on Trustpilot. However, the mixed reviews on customer service can't be overlooked.

Filtration TechnologyEffective against fluoride, lead, chlorineNone
Customer ServiceSome positive feedback on responsivenessInconsistent support
Trustpilot ReviewsTransparent, genuine experiencesSome negative feedback
Product QualityHigh-performance filtrationOccasional defects reported
Overall ValueReliable water filtration solutionsCustomer service concerns

Ultimately, Clearly Filtered provides robust filtration but may fall short in consistent customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clearly Filtered Certified?

Yes, Clearly Filtered is certified. It meets certification standards set by the Water Quality Association and NSF. Independent testing agencies have verified its efficacy and safety, ensuring it provides reliable filtration for those committed to serving others with clean water.

Is Clearly Filtered Better Than Brita?

Based on filter lifespan and water taste, I believe Clearly Filtered surpasses Brita. Clearly Filtered's filters last longer and independent testing shows its water tastes better, providing a significant advantage for those wanting to serve others with quality water.

Is Clearly Filtered Made in China?

Clearly Filtered products aren't made in China. The manufacturing process takes place in the United States to guarantee product safety and high standards. This domestic production supports local businesses and allows for rigorous quality control.

Does Clearly Filtered Remove Healthy Minerals?

Clearly Filtered's filtration effectiveness guarantees mineral retention. Their technology removes harmful contaminants while preserving essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. I appreciate that it provides purified water without sacrificing the healthy minerals my body needs.


After thoroughly examining Clearly Filtered, I find their products leveraging advanced filtration technology impressive.

Customer reviews generally support their claims, though common complaints highlight occasional issues with ease of use.

Despite these, the value for money remains strong, particularly given the quality of filtration.

Customer support appears responsive and helpful.

Overall, Clearly Filtered stands as a reliable choice for water filtration, balancing innovative technology with customer needs effectively.