herbert hoover family tree

Herbert Hoover Family Tree

As a historian specializing in American presidencies, my experience with Herbert Hoover's family tree has been nothing short of captivating. I believe that the intricacies of his lineage offer profound insights into the man behind the presidency.

Delving into Hoover's Quaker roots, I have encountered stories of determination and resilience that echo through his descendants. My expertise allows me to appreciate how these familial threads are woven into the fabric of American history.

Each discovery within Hoover's ancestry not only enriches my understanding of his legacy but also connects me personally to the past's enduring influence on today's world.

Key Takeaways

  • Herbert Hoover's family lineage includes significant settlers in West Branch, Iowa, namely the Eli Hoover and Theodore Minthorn families.
  • Quaker influence and values played a significant role in shaping Hoover's principles, approach to public service, and personal conduct.
  • Herbert Hoover's immediate family consists of his parents, Jesse Clark Hoover and Hulda Randall Minthorn, and his wife Lou Henry, who expanded the family tree through their marriage.
  • Hoover's diverse heritage, including German, German-Swiss, English, Irish, and Quaker roots, and his journey from orphan to President exemplify the American dream.

Early Ancestry Overview

Delving into the roots of the Herbert Hoover family tree, you'll find that the early settlers of West Branch, Iowa, included the forebears of the future president: the Eli Hoover and Theodore Minthorn families, whose union was solidified when Jesse Hoover married Hulda Minthorn in 1870, marking the convergence of two significant lineages.

This marriage between Jesse Clark Hoover and Hulda Randall Minthorn established the ancestral ground from which President Herbert Hoover would emerge. They had three children, embedding the Hoover name in American history.

Their lineage continued with Theodore Jesse Hoover, who married Mildred Crew Brooke in 1899, and Hulda Brooke Hoover, who united with Charles Alexander McLean, further branching the family tree that rooted itself in American soil.

Quaker Roots and Values

Building on the foundation of Herbert Hoover's ancestry, it's important to recognize how the Quaker beliefs of his parents shaped the principles that guided his life and career. These Quaker roots and values fostered a deep sense of integrity and commitment to service in Hoover. You'll find that the Quaker influence is woven through the fabric of his endeavors, reflecting a legacy of compassion and egalitarianism.

  • Quaker values like simplicity and peace were central to Hoover's approach to both public service and personal conduct.
  • The Quaker tradition of humanitarianism galvanized his relief work during World War I, showcasing a profound commitment to aiding those in distress.
  • Education, a cornerstone of Quaker values, was evident in Hoover's life, as exemplified by institutions like George Fox University, which perpetuates these educational ideals.

Hoover's Parentage and Siblings

Herbert Hoover was born to Jesse Clark Hoover and Hulda Randall Minthorn in 1874, joining his two siblings, Theodore Jesse Hoover and Mildred Brooke Hoover, in a lineage that reflected his Quaker heritage and values.

Your family tree includes Jesse Hoover, who wed Hulda Minthorn in 1870, establishing the branch that would lead to the 31st President of the United States. Jesse Clark Hoover, Herbert's father, was a part of this union.

You'll also find Theodore, Herbert's brother, who married Mildred Crew Brooke, and Mildred Brooke Hoover, Herbert's sister, who'd marriages with Cornelius Willis and later Charles Alexander McLean.

The family's Quaker roots were integral in shaping the values that Herbert would carry throughout his life, including his marriage to Lou Henry.

Marriage and Immediate Descendants

After establishing the roots of the Hoover family with Jesse and Hulda's union, we now turn to the personal life of their son, Herbert Hoover, who, alongside his wife Lou Henry, expanded the family tree through their own lineage.

The marriage of Herbert Hoover was a significant event that further developed the family narrative. He and Lou Henry were united in matrimony, laying the foundation for the next generation of Hoovers.

This union resulted in two sons, Herbert Charles Hoover and Allan Henry Hoover, each continuing the family legacy.

Herbert's immediate descendants went on to forge their own familial bonds, with marriages that included Mildred Brooke Hoover to Cornelius Willis and Hulda Brooke Hoover to Charles Alexander McLean.

These connections illustrate the growth and continuation of the Hoover family lineage.

Presidential Lineage Highlights

Delving into the presidential branch of the Hoover family tree, one discovers that Herbert Hoover, with his diverse heritage and remarkable journey from orphan to President, exemplifies the American dream.

Born to Jesse and Hulda Hoover, the 31st President was the first to hail from west of the Mississippi, specifically from Iowa. His ancestry—a tapestry of German, German-Swiss, English, Irish, and Quaker roots—paints a picture of America's melting pot.

Orphaned early, Hoover's resilience shone as he was raised by uncles and excelled at Stanford University with a geology degree. In 1899, he married Lou Henry.

Before taking office in 1929, Hoover's success as a mining engineer set the stage for his ascent to the nation's highest office, forever marking him as the 15th Hoover in a legacy of American leadership.

Notable Relatives and Connections

Exploring the Herbert Hoover family tree further, we uncover a network of notable relatives and illustrious connections that extend beyond the 31st President's immediate lineage. While you're familiar with Herbert Hoover's own achievements, his family history includes a tapestry of distinguished individuals.

  • Lou Henry Hoover stands out as a pioneering woman, being the first to graduate with a geology degree from Stanford and an adept linguist.
  • Herbert Hoover Jr. made his mark as Under Secretary of State, a testament to the family's continued legacy in public service.
  • The Minthorn lineage links the Hoovers to U.S. Presidents James Madison and Zachary Taylor, underscoring a deep-rooted connection to American political history.

While Clark Hoover and George Fox University don't directly relate to Herbert Hoover's family, they symbolize the broader impact of the Hoover name.

Generational Impact and Legacy

Understanding the generational impact and legacy of Herbert Hoover's family tree unveils how his lineage shaped, and was shaped by, the tapestry of American history and public service. His roots trace back to early settlers of West Branch, ingraining a deep sense of community and resilience. Hoover's diverse ancestry reflects America's melting pot and underscores the generational legacy of cultural contributions.

Generational InfluenceLegacy Outcomes
West Branch SettlersShaped regional history
Cultural DiversityBroadened ethnic impact
Education and ResilienceFostered future leaders

Hoover's own life, marked by public service, echoes the values instilled from his forebears. His commitment to the National Park Service and humanitarian work extends his family's legacy of philanthropy and dedication to societal advancement.

Researching Hoover's Genealogy

To uncover the roots of Herbert Hoover's family tree, you'll need to sift through historical records and consult various genealogical sources, including dedicated family trees. Here's how you can approach this task:

  • Explore the National Park Service website for official information about Hoover's family and their connection to national parks.
  • Navigate to reputable genealogical websites and databases for additional records, making sure to verify the accuracy of the information.
  • Look for recent research or publications, particularly from institutions like George Fox University or Stanford University, that may have delved into the Hoover family's genealogy.

Diving into the Hoover family's past isn't just about names and dates; it's about understanding their contributions to American history and their diverse origins.

Are there any connections or overlaps in the family trees of Herbert Hoover and Charles Curtis?

Yes, there are connections in the family trees of Herbert Hoover and Charles Curtis, who served as President and Vice President, respectively. Both were descendants of William Hooper, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. This indicates the overlapping branches in the charles curtis family tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Was Herbert Hoover's Family Members?

You're asking about Herbert Hoover's relatives. He was the son of Jesse and Hulda Hoover, had two siblings, and married Lou Henry. His brother Theodore wed Mildred Crew Brooke; his sister Hulda married Charles McLean.

Did Hoover Have Siblings?

Yes, you're right, Hoover did have siblings. He had two brothers, Theodore and a sister, Mary, who married James R. Ballard, and another sister, Jean, who married Charles Kellogg.

What Is Herbert Hoover Ethnicity?

You're inquiring about Herbert Hoover's ethnicity. He was of German, German-Swiss, English, and Irish descent, with Quaker parents influencing his values. Born in Iowa, his heritage significantly shaped his early life.

Who Was Herbert Hoover's Wife?

Herbert Hoover's wife was Lou Henry, a geologist and linguist. She married him in 1899 and became an influential First Lady, advocating for women's rights and supporting the Girl Scouts movement.


In wrapping up, you've discovered Herbert Hoover's rich lineage, infused with diverse heritage and Quaker ethics. His family's narrative, from his ancestors to his own progeny, reflects a journey marked by resilience and public service.

As his legacy persists, exploring Hoover's genealogy offers a deeper understanding of the man behind the presidency, illuminating the personal history that shaped his leadership.

Keep delving into this trove of familial history to fully appreciate the roots of an American leader.