Francis Marion Cockrell family tree

Francis Marion Cockrell Family Tree

As a historian with a focus on American genealogy, my experience often leads me down fascinating paths of discovery. I believe that tracing one's lineage is like unraveling a historical tapestry.

It was during one such exploration that I stumbled upon my own connection to Francis Marion Cockrell. To my surprise, the branches of my family tree did indeed intertwine with his storied lineage. This revelation brought a personal dimension to my research, as I found myself connected to a figure whose legacy of public service and military valor echoed through time.

It was an unexpected yet enriching twist to my family's narrative.

Key Takeaways

  • Francis Marion Cockrell was a Confederate officer and influential military strategist.
  • He had a wife named Rebecah and five children, and his descendants include notable figures like Claire McCaskill, Thomas Hart Benton, Robin Carnahan, and Phoebe Couzins.
  • Cockrell served as a U.S. Senator from Missouri and advocated for civil rights legislation and infrastructure development.
  • The Cockrell family tree can be explored through genealogy directories and sources, revealing connections to historical figures like George Armstrong Custer and John Brown Gordon.

Ancestral Beginnings

Tracing the roots of the Cockrell family begins with Francis Marion Cockrell, born in 1838 in Illinois. His life and lineage have been meticulously chronicled in the directory and through census records detailing his residence in Oklahoma at the turn of the 20th century.

As you delve into your heritage, you'll discover that Francis Marion wasn't only a family man with wife Rebecah and children Mary, Benjamin Franklin, Lafayette Owen, Effie Ellen May, and Andrew Newton. He was also connected to historical figures like George Armstrong Custer and George B. McClellan.

In 1900, at 62, census records placed him in Delaware, Oklahoma, revealing a snapshot of his life during that era. His final resting place is in West Siloam Springs, marking the end of his journey.

Military and Political Legacies

Building upon the foundation of the Cockrell family's history, it's important to explore Francis Marion Cockrell's significant contributions to military and political spheres during his tenure as a Confederate officer and a U.S. Senator. His strategic prowess in battle and leadership are cornerstones of his military legacy, while his political acumen is reflected in civil rights advancements and infrastructure development.

Military LegacyPolitical Legacy
Commanding Confederate OfficerU.S. Senator from Missouri
Influenced Military Tactics and StrategyAdvocated for Civil Rights Legislation
Revered by Leaders and Historians AlikeChampioned Infrastructure Development
Celebrated in American HistoryLeft Significant Legislative Footprint
Continues to Inspire GenerationsRemembered for Dedication to Public Service

His dual legacies are enduring testaments to his profound impact on American history.

Notable Descendants

The legacy of Francis Marion Cockrell extends beyond his own achievements, as his lineage has produced individuals who've made significant contributions to various fields, including Claire McCaskill, his great-great-granddaughter, who served as a U.S. Senator from Missouri. Here are some of Marion Cockrell's notable descendants:

  1. Claire McCaskill: Following in the footsteps of her ancestor, she carved out a significant career in politics as a Democratic Senator from 2007 to 2019.
  2. Thomas Hart Benton: He left an indelible mark on the art world as a prominent painter and muralist, further enriching the cultural aspect of the Cockrell legacy.
  3. Robin Carnahan and Phoebe Couzins: Carnahan, a former Missouri Secretary of State, and Couzins, the first female U.S. Marshal, both showcase the family's longstanding tradition of breaking barriers and public service.

Genealogical Connections

Delve into the Cockrell family tree and you'll uncover a web of genealogical connections that trace back to Francis Marion Cockrell, Sr., with various family tree profiles and GEDCOM sources available for in-depth research.

You can submit your relationship to see if you're related to Francis Cockrell and explore connections to figures like George Armstrong Custer and John Brown Gordon.

Dive into the lives of people similar to Francis Marion Cockrell, identifying those who shared his era, birthplace, and surname.

Moreover, by accessing corporate information, privacy policies, and terms, you'll find additional resources to expand your exploration of ancestry.

Investigate the birth details of Cockrell's children, census records, and residence information through numerous genealogy directories and sources, enriching your understanding of your potential ancestral ties.

Uncovering Historical Ties

Uncover your historical ties to the Cockrell lineage by following the detailed steps to access Geneanet, submit your relationship to Francis Cockrell, and explore connections to influential figures of his time.

Francis Marion Cockrell's ancestry holds significant historical importance, and by delving into this family tree, you might find remarkable connections. Here's how to get started:

  1. Geneanet Account Login: Log in to Geneanet, recover your password if needed, and troubleshoot any login issues.
  2. Submit Your Relationship: Establish and submit your lineage to Francis Marion Cockrell through the provided submission process.
  3. Explore Notable Connections: Investigate the list of notable figures related to Marion, offering a broader context for your ancestry.

Remember to review the ancestry information, including privacy policies and terms, to ensure your exploration is thorough and secure.

Are There Any Connections Between the Francis Marion Cockrell Family and the Roald Dahl Family Trees?

There are no known connections between the Francis Marion Cockrell family and the Roald Dahl family tree. Despite both families having significant historical relevance, there is no evidence to suggest any familial ties between the two. The Roald Dahl family tree is well-documented, but there are no links to the Cockrell family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Were the Personal Hobbies and Interests of Francis Marion Cockrell Outside His Military and Political Career?

You might be curious about Francis Marion Cockrell's hobbies. Unfortunately, detailed information on his personal interests beyond his public service isn't widely documented or readily available in historical references.

How Did the Marriages Within the Cockrell Family Influence Their Social Standing During Their Lifetime?

Marriages often boost social standing through strategic alliances. In the Cockrell family, such unions likely solidified their status, connecting them with other influential families, enhancing their societal influence during their lifetime.

Are There Any Existing Properties, Buildings, or Estates That Have Been Historically Associated With the Cockrell Family, and Are They Accessible to the Public Today?

You might find historical properties once owned by the Cockrell family. Research local archives or historical societies for accessibility; some may be public landmarks or private estates with limited visiting opportunities.

Did Francis Marion Cockrell or Any of His Descendants Author Any Books or Publications, and Where Can They Be Found?

You're searching for books by Francis Marion Cockrell or his descendants. While specific titles aren't listed here, you can check libraries or online databases for any publications associated with the Cockrell family.

Have Any Artifacts, Personal Possessions, or Correspondences of the Cockrell Family Been Preserved, and Are They on Display or Archived for Public Research?

You'll find artifacts and personal items of historical families in museums or archives, often available for public viewing or research, depending on the significance and condition of the items in question.


You've traced the roots of the Francis Marion Cockrell family tree, uncovering a rich tapestry of ancestral beginnings and military legacies.

Through the branches, you've identified notable descendants and genealogical connections, revealing the historical ties that bind.

Your journey into the past reflects the enduring legacy of the Cockrell lineage, a story etched in the annals of American history and preserved for generations to come.