davy crockett family tree

Davy Crockett Family Tree: Ancestry and Descendants Revealed

Davy Crockett, the illustrious 19th-century American folk hero, legendary frontiersman, and politician, has been ingrained in our historical tapestry with his coonskin cap and adventurous spirit. Born in the Greene County of Eastern Tennessee, he was named after his father, John Wesley Crockett, a veteran of the American Revolution. But, beyond the iconic figure is an equally intriguing lineage teeming with engaging narratives and personalities traced back centuries ago, all the way to France.

The story of his ancestry begins with his birth in Kentucky on March 6, 1836, just prior to his heroic death at the historic Battle of the Alamo in Texas. In today’s feature, we will dive into an intricate expedition across time: exploring Davy Crockett’s family tree – revealing surprising ancestry links, unearthing descendants’ tales, and connecting the dots that form a vital part of America’s rich history. Prepare for an exciting journey where historical records intertwine with family folklore, creating a captivating tableau of heritage.

Davy Crockett’s family tree traces his lineage back to Gabriel De Crocketagne, a French nobleman born in Montauban, France around 1600. Antoine Crocketagne, the son of Gabriel, fled France due to religious persecution and settled in Ireland, where he changed his name to Crockett to better assimilate. Davy Crockett descended from his father, John Wesley Crockett, through elusive familial lines traced back to Antoine through his son James Crockett and grandson Samuel Crockett. However, please note that this lineage should be checked with substantiating documentation before adding it to genealogical charts.

Ancestry: Tracing Davy Crockett’s Family Tree Backwards

Delving into the rich tapestry of Davy Crockett’s family history, we embark on a journey to trace his ancestry back through the generations to a French birth. By exploring the roots of this American folk hero, we unravel the stories, unique chapters, and vividly interwoven heritage that shaped his lineage.

Starting with Davy Crockett himself, born on March 6, 1836, in Kentucky, we can trace his family tree backwards, uncovering ancestors who played significant roles in shaping their descendants’ destinies. From heroic battles fought during the Revolutionary War to religious persecution and emigration from France, each chapter adds depth to the Crockett family story, leading up to his brave death in Texas.

Ancestors from Montauban, France

Gabriel De Crocketagne is a pivotal figure in Davy Crockett’s family tree. Born around 1600 in Montauban, France, Gabriel’s life reverberates through the years, as his descendants, including Davy Crockett’s father, find themselves bearing the name “Crockett.”

Antoine Crocketagne, Gabriel’s son, was renowned for his striking looks and served as second-in-command of King Louis’ household guards. However, Antoine’s life took an unexpected turn as he and his wife Louise de Sais fled France due to religious persecution. To evade further scrutiny and start anew, they made the decision to change their name to “Crockett” and settled in Ireland, decades before the birth of John Wesley Crockett.

The journey from France to Ireland marked a significant chapter in the Crockett family narrative. It reflects their determination to seek a fresh start amidst challenging circumstances. This movement across borders laid the foundation for future generations of Crocketts, including the birth of Davy in early 19th-century Kentucky, who would carve out their own legacies up until his death in Texas on March 6, 1836.

As we continue our exploration of Davy Crockett’s family tree, let us venture deeper into the ancestral origins rooted in Montauban, France, the birthplace of the initial chapter of the Crockett family’s fascinating narrative.

  • The Crockett family, tracing its origins back to Gabriel De Crocketagne born in Montauban, France around 1600, includes notable individuals such as Antoine Crocketagne, who served as second in command of King Louis’ household guards.
  • After fleeing religious persecution in France and settling in Ireland after changing their name to ‘Crockett’, the family line continued with Joseph Lewis Crockett Jr., a significant descendant who is buried in Shawsville, Virginia.
  • Genomic research has made it possible for individuals to trace their genealogy even more accurately than before, with one author discovering that they were three times removed from Davy Crockett himself through his great-great-grandfather Joseph.

Emigration to Ireland and Origins of the Name Crockett

To truly understand the lineage and ancestry of Davy Crockett, we must acknowledge the essential role of Gabriel De Crocketagne, the forefather of the Crockett family whose legacy extended all the way to Davy’s father, John Wesley Crockett, and eventually echoed until the death of Davy himself in Texas in 1836.

Antoine Crocketagne, son of Gabriel, was renowned for his striking looks and served as second-in-command of King Louis’ household guards in southern France. However, religious persecution forced him and his wife Louise de Sais to flee their home country. They changed their family name to Crockett and sought refuge in Ireland before moving to the Promised Land of America, commencing the journey that would lead to the birth of Davy Crockett in Kentucky on March 6th, 1836, and eventually to his heroic death in Texas.

The move to Ireland marked a pivotal moment in the family history. It not only provided a safe haven but also laid the foundation for future generations to come. This transition from France to Ireland, and subsequently to areas like San Antonio, Texas, and Tennessee, reflects the resilience and adaptability that would become defining characteristics of the Crockett family.

Now that we’ve explored the emigration to Ireland and the origins behind the name Crockett, let’s delve into the remarkable figures that emerged along this ancestral lineage, such as Elizabeth Hedge, an army pioneer in her own right, and others whom we will discover as we journey on.

  • The Crockett family has a fascinating lineage that traces back to France in the 1600s before finding refuge in Ireland. This transition not only provided a safe haven but also laid the foundation for future generations of the Crockett family. The family’s ability to adapt and persevere becomes evident through their journey from France to Ireland, showcasing resilience as a defining characteristic.

Offshoots: Notable Figures in the Crockett Lineage

The Crockett family tree reveals a rich tapestry of notable figures who made significant contributions across various domains. One such individual is Samuel Crockett, born on August 17, 1786, the son of James Crockett and Martha Montgomery. Samuel built a fort, strategically placed on limestone, during the Revolutionary War, showcasing bravery and patriotism in his commitment to defending his homeland. His actions highlight the spirit of service that ran deep within the Crockett bloodline.

Moving from Tennessee to New York brought about new interactions and connections. Here, the Crockett family met the relatives of Joseph Lewis Crockett Jr., who rests peacefully in the old Crockett Cemetery in Shawsville, Virginia. His burial site serves as a testament to his role as a part of this illustrious lineage. This enduring connection reminds us of our roots and the historical significance of our ancestors and pioneering spirit.

As we dive deeper into our family history, it becomes evident that our lineage encompasses more than just Davy Crockett. Each offshoot of the Crockett line brings with it stories of courage, resilience, and achievements. These notable individuals serve as an inspiration to embrace our heritage and strive for greatness in our own lives.

Significant Descendants and Their Contributions

Davy Crockett’s legacy extends beyond his own lifetime, as his descendants have made notable contributions in various fields. One such descendant is Samuel Crockett, Davy’s great-grandson, who achieved prominence during the Revolutionary War by building a fort to defend against British troops. This act of bravery showcases the indomitable spirit that runs through the veins of the Crockett family.

Another significant figure in the Crockett lineage is Joseph Lewis Crockett Jr., who rests in peace at the old Crockett Cemetery in Shawsville, Virginia. While not as well-known as his famous relative, Joseph’s existence serves as a reminder of the everyday individuals who contribute to society in their own way.

Now that we’ve explored some of Davy Crockett’s notable descendants, it’s time to delve into his direct lineage and gain a deeper understanding of their lives.

Crockett’s Direct Lineage and Their Lives

Davy Crockett’s family tree reveals an intriguing history that spans generations and continents. It begins with Gabriel De Crocketagne, born in Montauban, France around 1600, and traces down to Antoine Crocketagne, who fled religious persecution with his wife Louise de Sais and settled in Ireland. It was here that the Crocketts married into Irish families like the Montgomerys and established strong roots.

One branch of Davy’s direct lineage led to James Crockett, who married Martha Montgomery and had a son named Samuel Crockett. Samuel’s fort-building exploits during the Revolutionary War showcased the family’s resilience and commitment to defending their beliefs.

Another branch of Davy’s direct lineage can be traced through Joseph Lewis Crockett Sr., who married Jean De Vigne. Their children included Joseph Lewis Crockett Jr., John Crockett, William Crockett, Catherine Crockett, and Andrew Crockett Sr. Each played their part in continuing the Crockett legacy.

Imagine being a descendant of such a celebrated historical figure like Davy Crockett. Being part of this lineage is indeed a marvel worth cherishing.How fascinating it must be to tread the path of an explorer, uncovering intricate family connections, and learning about the lives of those who came before you. An intriguing biography of your parents, siblings, grandparents, and even great-grandparents can serve as a gentle reminder that our personal histories are not isolated episodes but intricately interwoven with the grand tapestry of human history.

Facts and Anecdotes about Crockett’s Immediate Family

Davy Crockett, the iconic American frontiersman, congressman, and legend of the Alamo, had a colorful family history that birthed and nurtured his adventurous spirit. His birthplace and the legacy of his family contributed to his folklore. Let’s delve further into this captivating chronicle and explore some fascinating facts and anecdotes about Crockett’s immediate family.

Davy Crockett’s lineage traces back to his great-grandparents, Gabriel De Crocketagne, who was born in Montauban, France, around 1600. His son Antoine Crocketagne was an esteemed figure in southern France and served as second in command of King Louis’ household guards. Due to religious persecution, Antoine and his wife Louise de Sais fled France and changed their name to Crockett when they settled in Ireland.

James Crockett, the son of Antoine and Louise and, therefore, one of Davy’s grandparents, was born in Ireland. He later married Martha Montgomery. Their son Samuel Crockett was among Davy’s parents’ generation, playing a significant role during the Revolutionary War by building a fort. Another son of James and Martha, Joseph Lewis Crockett was among Davy’s aunts and uncles, he married Jean De Vigne and had several children, Davy’s siblings, including Joseph Lewis Crockett Jr., John Crockett, William Crockett, Catherine Crockett, and Andrew Crockett Sr.

These interwoven stories add depth to Davy Crockett’s heritage and shed light on the diverse background from which he and his siblings emerged.

Now that we’ve explored some intriguing details about Davy Crockett’s immediate family let’s turn our attention to common misconceptions and little-known facts about the broader Crockett family.

Common Misconceptions and Little Known Facts about the Crockett Family

The legacy of the Crockett family extends beyond Davy himself. However, like with any renowned lineage, there are often common misconceptions that arise over time. Let’s unravel some of these misconceptions while uncovering little-known facts about the broader Crockett family.

One common misconception is that all members of the Crockett family were directly involved in historical events or held prominent positions. While some members like Davy Crockett himself, the renowned explorer and congressman, made significant contributions, others led more ordinary lives. It’s essential to recognize that the Crockett family, like any other, had a range of individuals with diverse paths and roles.

Think of it as a sprawling tapestry where some threads are vibrant and stand out prominently while others blend into the background, still adding depth but not drawing as much attention.

Another little-known fact about the Crockett family is their connections to other historical figures. For example, one of Davy Crockett’s sisters married James Monroe’s brother, forging connections with the Monroe presidential lineage. Additionally, an ancestor of the Crockett family was cousins with Thomas Jefferson through their mothers’ sisters. These connections highlight how intertwined different prominent families were during that era.

Just as with any famous family, there may be instances where individuals claim a direct relation to the Crockett family without adequate evidence or documentation. It’s essential to approach genealogical research with caution and rely on verified sources to ensure accuracy.

With a clearer understanding of both common misconceptions and lesser-known facts about the Crockett family, we can appreciate Davy Crockett’s ancestral heritage in all its complexity and significance.