daniel edgar sickles family tree

Daniel Edgar Sickles Family Tree

Delving into the family tree of Daniel Edgar Sickles is not just a historical inquiry but a personal journey. In my experience as a genealogist, I’ve encountered few tales as riveting as his.

My expertise in ancestral research allowed me to appreciate the intricate narratives woven through his lineage. From his parents, Susan Marsh and George Garrett Sickles, to his tumultuous marriage with Teresa Bagioli and later union with Carmina Creagh, the saga unfolds.

Their children, including Laura, Eda, and George Stanton, each carried a fragment of his legacy. Daniel E. Sickles’ own military journey, separate yet connected, added a rich layer to the story.

NameFamily StatusRelated To
Daniel Edgar SicklesPatriarch
Teresa Bagioli SicklesWifeDaniel Edgar Sickles
Laura Buchanan SicklesDaughterDaniel & Teresa Sickles
George Gordon SicklesSonDaniel & Teresa Sickles
Stanton SicklesSonDaniel & Teresa Sickles
Edith SicklesDaughterDaniel & Teresa Sickles

Key Takeaways

  • Daniel Edgar Sickles’ parents were Susan Marsh Sickles and George Garrett Sickles, a patent lawyer and politician.
  • Sickles had two wives, Teresa Bagioli and Carmina Creagh, and three children named Laura Sickles, Eda Sickles, and George Stanton Sickles.
  • Descendants of Daniel Sickles, such as George E. Sickels and Daniel Earl Sickels, continued the family’s legacy into the 20th century.
  • Daniel Sickles’ personal life was marked by scandals, including infidelity, violence, and bringing a prostitute into the New York State Assembly chambers.

Early Ancestry and Origins

You’ll trace Daniel Edgar Sickles’ lineage back to his paternal and maternal roots, which intertwine with the history of New York City during the early 19th century. Digging into family history reveals that Sickles was born to Susan Marsh Sickles and George Garrett Sickles, a patent lawyer and politician. His family trees related to a vibrant period of New York’s development.

Among his siblings, Adam Sickles and George Garrett Sickles shared the Sickles bloodline. GenealogieOnline Family Tree and MyHeritage DNA test takers offer further insights into his ancestry.

This exploration into the Sickles’ family origins not only connects you to the past but also illuminates the context of Daniel Edgar Sickles’ eventful life.

Sickles’ Immediate Relatives

Within the intricate branches of Daniel Edgar Sickles’ family tree, you’ll uncover that his immediate relatives include his parents, two wives, and three children.

  • Parents of Daniel Sickles
  • Father: George Garrett Sickles
  • Mother: Susan Marsh Sickles
  • Marriages and Wives
  • First Wife: Teresa Bagioli
  • *Marriage Place:* New York City
  • *Children with Teresa:* Laura Sickles
  • Second Wife: Carmina Creagh
  • *Children with Carmina:* Eda and George Stanton Sickles
  • Descendants
  • Daughter: Laura Sickles (with Teresa)
  • Daughter: Eda Sickles (with Carmina)
  • Son: George Stanton Sickles (with Carmina)

General Daniel E Sickles’ personal life was as eventful as his military career, with his marriages and children adding layers to his complex family tree.

Notable Descendants and Kin

Descendants of Daniel Sickles, you’ll find, extend beyond his immediate family to include notable figures such as George E. Sickels, a third-generation progeny who continued the family’s legacy into the 20th century.

The family tree of Daniel Edgar Sickles is a tapestry of marriages and offspring that began when he married Teresa Bagioli and later Carmina, with whom he’d one son. His son, George Stanton Sickles, among other descendants, contributed their own branches to the growing lineage.

Some descendants, like Daniel Earl Sickels, had siblings, further expanding the network of kin.

As you delve deeper into the Sickles family trees, you’ll uncover a roster of notable descendants, each with their own stories, linked to the infamous Civil War general and political figure.

Personal Life and Scandals

Daniel Sickles’ tumultuous personal life, marked by infidelity and violence, includes your shocking discovery of his murder of his wife’s lover, a scandal that rocked 19th-century America.

As you delve deeper, you uncover:

  • Daniel Edgar Sickles’ Scandals:
  • Married Teresa Bagioli amidst family opposition.
  • Publicly forgave her post-trial despite the affair.
  • Acquitted for killing Philip Barton Key II, citing temporary insanity.
  • Controversial Actions:
  • Censured for bringing a prostitute into New York State Assembly chambers.
  • Escorted the same woman to England, neglecting his pregnant wife.
  • Public Tenure:
  • Served as U.S. Minister to Spain, interacting with deposed Queen Isabella II.
  • Re-elected to Congress post-American Civil War.
  • Buried with honors at Arlington National Cemetery, despite his personal scandals.

Military Career and Legacy

You’ll often find that Daniel Sickles’ military exploits, including his controversial decisions at Gettysburg, are as debated as his scandalous personal life.

As a General, Sickles’ tenure with the Army of the Potomac reached its climax during the Civil War’s pivotal Battle of Gettysburg. There, defying orders, Sickles advanced his III Corps, resulting in severe casualties and his own injury—his leg was amputated after being struck by cannon fire.

Despite the contentious move, Sickles was later awarded the Medal of Honor, and some labeled him the ‘Hero of Gettysburg.’ His military career, marked by bravery and brashness, is immortalized at Arlington National Cemetery, where the United States honors its military figures.

Yet, Sickles’ legacy remains a complex tapestry of valor and vanity.

What is the Family Tree of Daniel Edgar Sickles and How Does it Compare to the Scooby Doo Family Tree?

Daniel Edgar Sickles’ family tree traces back to his parents and ancestors, creating a complex lineage. In contrast, the Scooby Doo family tree is quite simple, mainly featuring Scooby-Doo and his closest companions. To learn more, check out the scooby doo family tree article.

What is the significance of examining historical family trees, such as Daniel Edgar Sickles’?

Examining historical family trees like Daniel Edgar Sickles’ provides insight into our past. A Meriwether Lewis family tree analysis can uncover connections to prominent figures and shed light on historical events. Understanding our lineage can offer a new perspective on the significance of our ancestors’ actions and their impact on the world today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Kids Did Daniel Sickles Have?

You’re wondering about Daniel Sickles’ children? He had three: Laura with his first wife, and Eda and George Stanton with his second. So, yes, a total of three kids in his family.

Where Is General Daniel Sickles Buried?

You’ll find General Daniel Sickles buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, specifically in Section 3, Grave 1906, where he was laid to rest after his death in 1914.

What Happened to Daniel Sickles?

Daniel Sickles died from a cerebral hemorrhage in 1914 and was buried at Arlington National Cemetery. His legacy includes scandal, a military career, and a controversial role in the Battle of Gettysburg.

What Is Interesting About Daniel Sickles?

You’ll find Daniel Sickles’ life fascinating due to his scandalous murder trial, controversial military tactics, and significant role in preserving Gettysburg as a historic site. His story is truly one of a kind.


You’ve traced the lineage of Daniel Edgar Sickles, uncovering a web of relationships from his parents to his children across two marriages.

Beyond his immediate family, you’ve explored his descendants and their marks on history.

You’ve delved into Sickles’ tumultuous personal life, replete with scandals, and his military career, which left a complex legacy.

This family tree reveals the multifaceted life of a man woven into the fabric of 19th-century America.