carrington family tree

Carrington Family Tree

Delving into the Carrington family tree was more than just research; it was a journey through a tangled saga of influence and intrigue.

In my experience, few family narratives capture the essence of America’s elite as vividly as the Carringtons. My expertise in genealogy and the sociopolitical ties of powerful families allowed me to appreciate the complexities of their dynasty.

I believe the Carringtons are a quintessential example of how personal affairs shape public legacies. Their story of ambition, love, and betrayal has not only fascinated me but also underscored the enduring impact of familial bonds in the corridors of power.

Key Takeaways

  • Patriarch Blake Carrington is the founder of Carrington Atlantic and has a strong grip on the family dynasty, marking the Carrington name with power and drama.
  • The matriarchal lineage of the Carrington family is defined by complex relationships and the influence of daughters, with additional branches introduced through relationships with secretaries and stepdaughters.
  • Sibling rivalries play a significant role in shaping the family’s legacy, with intense clashes between Fallon and Jeff, disputes between Fallon and Steven, and the complexity added by a paternal half-sister.
  • The Carrington family has experienced notable marriages and divorces, with Blake Carrington having four legal marriages, Fallon settling down with Liam Ridley, and significant divorces for Aunt Dominique Deveraux.

Patriarch Blake Carrington

You’ll find that leadership is a defining trait of Blake Carrington, the stalwart patriarch who anchors the Carrington family tree with his formidable presence in both the domestic and business arenas.

As the founder of Carrington Atlantic, Blake has stamped his legacy on the business world with iron-clad determination.

His personal life, though, is just as complex, woven into the fabric of his first wife, Alexis Morell’s, schemes and the lives of his children, each of whom carries a piece of his towering legacy.

From boardroom battles to family feuds, Blake’s influence is inescapable, marking the Carrington name with power, drama, and an unyielding grip on their sprawling dynasty.

Matriarchal Lineage Overview

Discover how the Carrington family’s matriarchal lineage unfolds, with Evelyn Carrington at its root, branching out through her daughters and the complex web of relationships that define their legacy.

Evelyn, mother to Blake and his siblings, instills a legacy of power and influence. The ancestral line weaves through Lo Cox, Thomas Carrington’s secretary and lover, who introduces another vibrant branch as the mother of Dominique.

This intricate family tapestry includes Lilly Carrington, whose vintage clock becomes Fallon’s cherished ‘something old’ at her wedding, symbolizing the matriarchal bond. Dominique Deveraux, born Millie Cox Colby, cements her place in this lineage, with stepdaughter Vanessa Deveraux further extending the matriarchal reach.

Together, they uphold the formidable Carrington name, shaping the dynasty’s future while honoring its past.

Sibling Rivalries Unveiled

As you delve into the Carrington family’s past, one can’t overlook the five major sibling rivalries that have shaped their tumultuous legacy.

The most prominent of these is between Fallon and Jeff, with their competitive streaks often clashing, particularly in the boardroom.

Then there’s Fallon and Steven, where differences in personality and approach to the Carrington dynasty’s dealings have sparked intense disputes.

Furthermore, the presence of a paternal half-sister introduces yet another layer of complexity to the family dynamics, as alliances shift and loyalties are tested.

These rivalries aren’t just personal; they intertwine with business ambitions and the relentless pursuit of power, each sibling vying to outdo the others in a never-ending battle for supremacy.

Notable Marriages and Divorces

Exploring the Carrington family tree, you’ll find a tapestry of unions and splits that have significantly influenced their complex narrative.

The patriarch, Mr. Carrington, was legally married four times before his last wife’s tragic death.

His son, Blake, navigated through three notable marriages, including his tumultuous union with Alexis, and later, two different women both named Cristal.

Meanwhile, Fallon Carrington, after several engagements, finally settled down with Liam Ridley, and they’re now expecting a child, adding a new branch to the family tree.

Her brother, Steven, has also tied the knot with Samuel Josiah Jones Carrington.

Not to be outdone, their aunt, Dominique Deveraux, experienced her share of romances with her marriages to Jeff Colby and Garrett Boydston, punctuating the family’s history with a series of significant divorces.

Key Family Feuds Explained

You’ll find that every marriage and divorce within the Carrington family hasn’t just reshaped their family tree but also ignited some of their most intense and lasting feuds.

The original patriarch, Thomas Carrington, set the stage for a legacy of rivalry, particularly between his descendants. Fallon has been a central figure in these familial clashes, often finding herself at odds with her siblings and stepmothers. Her sharp tongue led to the infamous ‘Trashy Little Tramp’ remark, which has since become emblematic of the Carringtons’ internal battles.

Their feuds aren’t limited to harsh words; they encompass power struggles, financial fraud, and public spectacles against rival families. As they vie for wealth, influence, and the patriarch’s favor, the Carringtons’ conflicts continue to define their family’s storied legacy.

Business Empires and Downfalls

Every one of your strategic moves within the Carrington dynasty hasn’t only altered the family hierarchy but also dramatically impacted their business empires and precipitated their occasional downfalls.

Your involvement in extensive real estate and a multinational corporation has been marked by moments of triumph and adversity.

  • Real Estate Ventures: The Carrington name has been synonymous with lucrative property deals that shaped skylines and fortunes alike.
  • Multinational Growth: Your corporation’s global reach has been a testament to the family’s strategic acumen, despite the hurdles.
  • Art Collection Scandals: Even your cherished art pieces have been at the center of controversies that threatened to tarnish the Carrington legacy.

The empire you’ve built is a mosaic of success and scandal, with every piece reflecting the Carrington resilience through the twists and turns of high-stakes enterprise.

The Carrington Legacy Continues

How has your family’s legacy extended into the modern era, with the Carrington name living on through your descendants and their endeavors? The Carringtons have adapted to changing times, with Blake’s children taking the helm in various industries. Your family’s influence endures, marked by the union of Fallon and Liam Ridley, and the cultural impact of your saga through media adaptations.

Engage with the table below to see how the legacy continues:

GenerationNotable Members
FourthBlake, Adam, Steven, Fallon, Amanda, Dominique
FifthLiam Ridley, Samuel Josiah Jones Carrington
SixthLauren Morell Carrington Ridley, Vanessa Deveraux
InfluenceBusiness, Politics, Media

Your story remains rich and complex, with each Carrington shaping the future, from politics to the arts. The legacy, with all its drama, is a testament to your family’s resilience.

Scandals and Secrets Revealed

Your family’s resilience has been tested time and again by a labyrinth of scandals and hidden truths that have come to light. The Carrington family tree is riddled with shocking events that have reverberated through generations.

  • Kidnapped as a baby: Blake’s long-lost son Adam was abducted, a harrowing revelation that tore through the family’s facade and challenged their unity.
  • Scandals and secrets revealed: From Thomas Carrington’s secret love child, Dominique Deveraux, to the dramatic return of Alexis, your family has withstood an onslaught of public scrutiny.
  • Joseph Anders: The bombshell that Steven Carrington’s biological father is none other than Joseph Anders added a twist no one saw coming, reshaping the family narrative and alliances.

Each secret uncovered has been a test of the Carringtons’ ability to stand together or fall apart.

Is There a Connection Between the Carrington and Colt Family Trees?

Yes, there is a fascinating connection between the Carrington and Colt family trees, as detailed in a recent colt family tree article. The article reveals surprising links and shared ancestors between the two prominent families, shedding new light on their intertwined histories.

Are There Any Connections Between the Carrington Family and the Norman Rockwell Family Tree?

Yes, there are connections between the Carrington family and Norman Rockwell’s family history. The famous artist’s ancestors, the Rockwells, are related to the Carringtons through marriage. This deepens the historical ties between the two families and adds an intriguing layer to Norman Rockwell’s family tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Carringtons Based on a Real Family?

You’re wondering if the Carringtons are real, but they’re not. They’re completely fictional, crafted for the ‘Dynasty’ TV show—no real-life inspiration behind Blake, Alexis, or the rest of the clan.

Is Fallon Really Blake’s Daughter?

Yes, you’ve correctly understood that Fallon is indeed Blake’s daughter. The evidence you’ve reviewed confirms her place in the family, with no indication to doubt her lineage as his child.

Who Is Fallon’s Dad?

You’re inquiring about Fallon’s paternity, right? Blake Alexander Carrington is her dad, a tycoon leading the Carrington dynasty, and he’s had quite the tumultuous family life with his first wife, Alexis.

How Are the Carringtons and Colbys Related?

You’re exploring the ties between the Carringtons and Colbys, right? Well, Jeff and Monica Colby are Dominique Deveraux’s kids, making them Blake Carrington’s niece and nephew through his half-sister.


You’ve ventured through the labyrinth of the Carrington family tree, from Blake’s towering legacy to the matriarchal influences that shaped their saga.

You’ve witnessed sibling rivalries and the drama of their marriages, understanding the feuds that rocked their empire.

You’ve seen their business rise and fall, yet their legacy endures.

As you close this chapter, remember the scandals and secrets that remind us that even in wealth, the Carringtons are all too human.