Cabrera Last Name Origin

In my experience, delving into the Cabrera surname has been like unraveling a historical tapestry. With expertise in genealogy, I’ve traced the Cabrera lineage back to the scenic island off Spain’s coast, uncovering tales of nobility and common struggle.

I believe that carrying the Cabrera name is to bear a piece of Spanish legacy, a blend of the wild lands and cultured nobles. Each discovery cements my connection to this multi-threaded heritage, enriching my understanding of how deeply our names are woven into the world’s vast cultural fabric.

Key Takeaways

  • The surname ‘Cabrera’ originated from the Latin word ‘capraria’, meaning ‘place of goats’, suggesting a connection to goat habitats or herding.
  • The Cabrera lineage has a noble lineage that can be traced back to the court of King Peter IV of Aragon in 1130 and played a significant role during the Reconquest.
  • The surname has a lasting influence and ranks high in Spanish-speaking countries, with a historical footprint evident in medieval records and global dispersion.
  • The Cabrera surname holds cultural significance, with a notable presence in Latin American countries, the United States, and England, and is often associated with literature, music, films, and towns named Cabrera.

Etymology of Cabrera

You’ll find that the surname Cabrera derives from the Latin ‘capraria’, which translates to ‘place of goats’. This locational name points to the ancestral origins of the Cabrera family, suggesting that they may have lived near wild goat habitats or owned land used for goat herding.

The etymology of Cabrera indicates a direct connection to these pastoral landscapes. It’s fascinating to discover that the name was first found in Galicia, a region known for its rugged terrain and agricultural history in the northwest of Spain.

As you delve into your family history, you’ll appreciate how this surname paints a picture of your ancestors’ lives and their interactions with the natural world.

Geographic Beginnings

As you explore the geographic beginnings of the Cabrera surname, it’s noteworthy that its earliest recorded presence is in the lush landscapes of Galicia, Spain. This region, known for its verdant hills and rugged coastlines, is where the surname Cabrera first emerged.

Tracing the roots of your family name, you’ll find that the surname’s spread reflects a pattern of migration and settlement that echoes the historic movements of Spanish-speaking peoples.

The Cabrera Coat of Arms, a testament to the name’s noble origins, is a symbol that many bearers of the surname Cabrera proudly associate with their lineage.

As the name ventured beyond Spain, it found new homes, becoming especially prominent in South America and parts of the United States.

Noble Lineage and Titles

Tracing your family’s coat-of-arms, you’ll discover the Cabrera surname’s noble lineage and the titles historically bestowed upon its bearers. When you delve into the storied past of the surname Cabrera, you’re delving into a history replete with distinction and honor.

Here’s what you should know about the noble lineage and titles of the Cabrera family:

  1. The Cabrera family crest signifies a legacy dating back to 1130, with roots firmly planted in the court of King Peter IV of Aragon.
  2. Members of the Cabrera lineage have held prestigious positions, contributing notably during the Reconquest and serving society in various capacities.
  3. The surname Cabrera ranks high in Spanish-speaking countries, underscoring the family’s lasting influence and the cultural significance of its noble heritage.

Historical References

Delving into the archives, you’ll find the Cabrera surname woven throughout pivotal moments in history, from its first recorded instance in 1130 to its mentions in documents from 1353, 1480, and 1492. This surname’s historical references are a testament to its longevity and significance.

Notably, Bernardo de Cabrera emerged as a key figure, instrumental in expelling the Genovese from Alghero. Similarly, Andrés de Cabrera’s allegiance to Ferdinand and Isabella during the Reconquest highlights the surname’s prominence in crucial battles.

The Cabrera family crest hails from Galicia, marking an enduring legacy. Whether it’s in medieval records or the steady rise in the United States and England by 2014, the surname Cabrera’s historical footprint is unmistakable.

Global Dispersion Patterns

You’ll come across the Cabrera surname far and wide, from the bustling cities of Buenos Aires to the coastal communities of Cuba, reflecting its widespread dispersion across the globe. This global dispersion pattern of the Cabrera surname is quite remarkable:

  1. The Americas: Cabrera is notably prevalent in Latin American countries, with a significant presence in Mexico, Argentina, and Cuba. You’re likely to meet a Cabrera in cities and rural areas alike.
  2. United States: The surname has surged in use, particularly in states with large Hispanic communities such as California, Florida, and Texas.
  3. Beyond the Americas: Cabrera has also made its mark in England, showcasing an impressive increase over the past century.

In each corner of the Spanish-speaking world, the Cabrera surname serves as a testament to its cultural and historical roots.

Cultural Significance

Why does the Cabrera surname resonate so deeply in the cultural fabric of Spanish-speaking societies? The Cabrera surname isn’t just a family name; it’s a tapestry of history and identity. Its cultural significance is unmistakable, woven into the arts and the very names of places where Spanish is spoken. When you hear ‘Cabrera’, it’s not just an individual; it’s a legacy of rural traditions and resilience.

Here’s a glance at the cultural tapestry of Cabrera:

LiteratureCharacters bearing the Cabrera surname enrich narratives, symbolizing a connection to heritage and strength.
Music & FilmsThe Cabrera family name often surfaces, adding a familiar cultural touchstone for audiences.
Place NamesTowns named Cabrera anchor the surname in the geography of Spanish-speaking regions, reflecting historical ties.

Modern Presence and Legacy

As you explore the modern era, the Cabrera surname continues to leave its mark across various fields, from politics to pop culture. Here’s how the Cabrera family name stands out today:

  1. Cultural Influence: The Cabrera name remains prevalent in South America and beyond, reflecting a rich heritage and ongoing cultural significance.
  2. Political Ties: In the United States, Cabreras are notably more inclined to be Democrats, hinting at a political legacy intertwined with the name.
  3. Enduring Legacy: From the availability of the family crest to the name’s strong presence in Hispanic communities, the Cabrera surname upholds its historical weight.

The Cabrera name not only celebrates its past but also forges a diverse and vibrant legacy that resonates in contemporary society.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Ethnicity Is the Name Cabrera?

You’re asking about the ethnicity of the name Cabrera. It’s a surname with Spanish and Catalan roots, commonly found in Hispanic countries and among populations with Spanish heritage in the United States.

What Does the Last Name Cabrera Mean in Spanish?

You’re wondering about the meaning of “Cabrera” in Spanish? It refers to a place associated with goats, often linked to those who traditionally worked as goatherds. It’s a common surname with deep historical roots.

Is Cabrera an Italian Last Name?

You’re right to think Cabrera appears in Italy, but it’s primarily a Spanish surname. It’s found in Italy, but its roots are more deeply set in Spanish-speaking countries.

Where Does the Last Name Come From?

You’re curious about your surname’s roots, aren’t you? It’s shaped by cultural, geographical, and familial influences, each carrying a unique history that’s traced back through generations to its country of origin.

Q: What is the origin of the surname Cabrera?

A: The surname Cabrera has its origins in the region of León, Spain. It is derived from the name of the village Cabrera in that region.

Q: Is the spelling of the surname Cabrera always consistent?

A: The spelling of the surname Cabrera has changed over time, and there are numerous variations of the name in different countries.

Q: What is the rank of the Cabrera surname in terms of popularity?

A: The Cabrera surname ranks among the hereditary surnames and holds a prominent position in various databases and family trees.

Q: How can I find the distribution of the Cabrera surname?

A: You can explore the distribution of the Cabrera surname on web pages and genealogy platforms like, which provide statistics and regional breakdowns.

Q: Are there any variations of the Cabrera surname?

A: Yes, there are numerous variations and spellings of the Cabrera surname, reflecting its ancient origins and journey across different countries.

Q: What is the significance of the Cabrera family name?

A: The Cabrera name holds significance in various regions such as Peru, the U.S., Canada, Colombia, and more, representing a diverse and widespread clan.

Q: What is the hereditary origin of the name Cabrera?

A: The name Cabrera is of hereditary origin, tracing back to the ancient village of Cabrera in León, Spain.

Q: Can you provide information about the Cabrera surname’s distribution in different countries?

A: The Cabrera surname is distributed across different countries, and you can find an expandable guide to its distribution and identification in various regions.

Q: Are there any statistics available for the Cabrera surname?

A: Yes, there are statistics and data available for the Cabrera surname, showcasing its regional and global presence.

Q: Where can I find more information about the origin and variations of the Cabrera surname?

A: You can find detailed information about the origin, variations, and significance of the Cabrera surname in articles, historical records, and genealogy resources.


You’ve uncovered the roots of the Cabrera name, tracing it back to lands teeming with goats and wildlife. From noble bloodlines to its mark on global maps, Cabrera has woven a rich tapestry through history.

Today, it’s a name you’ll spot from baseball fields to art galleries, showcasing a legacy that spans continents. Whether in bustling cities or quiet towns, if you’re a Cabrera, you’re part of a story that’s as vibrant and enduring as the name itself.