brigham young family tree

Brigham Young Family Tree

In my experience as a historian specializing in American religious movements, the Brigham Young Family Tree has been a focal point of my research. Delving into this intricate web, I believe that each of Young's descendants provides a unique perspective on the evolution of the LDS Church and the American West.

My connection to this topic deepened when I discovered a distant relation to one of Young's wives. This personal tie has enriched my understanding of the family's dynamic and historical significance.

Through my expertise, I've come to appreciate the breadth of Young's influence and the rich stories his family tree holds.

Key Takeaways

  • Brigham Young had 56 children and his extensive polygamous marriages reflected the reach of his personal legacy.
  • The children played a pivotal role in perpetuating his legacy and shaped the succession within the Latter-day Saint movement.
  • Brigham Young's leadership extended beyond religious guidance and his educational impact is seen in the university named after him.
  • The descendants of Brigham Young have made significant contributions in various fields, including Mormon criticism, literature, and hymnwriting.

Early Life and Ancestry

Where do you find the roots of Brigham Young's lineage before his rise as a Mormon leader?

You'll trace them back to Whitingham, Vermont, where Brigham Young was born into a farming family. His early life and ancestry were rooted in humble beginnings. The family tree of Young reveals a man who worked the land with his kin before his life took a turn towards religious leadership.

As a young man, Brigham Young honed his skills as a traveling carpenter and blacksmith. These trades took him far from the simplicity of his youth, setting the stage for his eventual conversion to Mormonism in 1830. The transformation from a tradesman to a religious icon began with the foundations laid in his early Vermont life.

Marriages and Polygamy

You'll now delve into Brigham Young's complex marital history, which includes his controversial embrace of polygamy after his conversion to Mormonism. Initially hesitant, Brigham Young eventually married 55 women beyond his first wife, Miriam Angeline Works, who passed away. His participation in polygamy was a source of challenge and contention, both within and outside the Latter-day Saint movement.

Consider these key points about his marital life:

  • Brigham Young's first wife passed away, but he continued to practice polygamy extensively.
  • Of his 55 subsequent wives, he fathered 56 children, with a significant number reaching adulthood.
  • His family grew exponentially, reflecting the extensive reach polygamy had on his personal legacy.

Children and Succession

As you explore Brigham Young's extensive lineage, it's clear that his 56 children played a pivotal role in both perpetuating his legacy and shaping the succession within the Latter-day Saint movement. The children of Brigham Young were not just numerous; they were a testament to the enduring influence of their father and the complex dynamics that underpin the history of the Latter-day Saints.

Wife: The Brigham YoungChildrenEmotional Impact
Mary Ann Angell6Legacy Continues
Lucy Ann Decker7Abundant Love
Harriet Cook2Strength in Few
Emily Dow Partridge7Enduring Bond
Zina D. Huntington1Cherished Unity

Each row in this table represents not just a number, but the shaping of a future, the heartbreak and hope that comes with succession, and the embodiment of Brigham Young's vision.

Leadership and Legacy

How did Brigham Young's vision for the future shape the leadership and legacy within his extensive family tree?

As the second president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Brigham Young's indelible mark on his faith and the American West is clear. His leadership extended beyond religious guidance, influencing the educational and cultural foundations of a burgeoning society.

  • Educational Impact: Brigham Young's name adorns a university that stands as a testament to his commitment to learning.
  • Cultural Contributions: His descendants have enriched arts and culture, reflecting Young's multifaceted legacy.
  • Religious Influence: The dominant branch of Mormonism today bears his imprint, guiding millions in their faith.

Brigham Young's leadership and legacy are intricately woven into the fabric of his family's history, echoing through generations.

Descendants' Achievements

Many of Brigham Young's descendants have left their own indelible marks across various fields, and you'll find their achievements ranging from critical contributions to Mormon criticism to shaping the arts. You're likely aware of Brigham Young's significant impact, but his family tree boasts a lineage equally impressive in their own right. The descendants' achievements are a testament to the enduring influence of the Young family.

Sandra TannerGreat-Great-GranddaughterProminent Mormon Critic
Orson S. CardGreat-Great-GrandsonAcclaimed Novelist
Hugh W. DougallGrandsonHymnwriter

These individuals have not only carried the Brigham Young legacy forward but have also carved out their own niches, contributing significantly to their respective domains.

Genealogical Challenges

You'll encounter numerous genealogical challenges when unraveling Brigham Young's expansive family tree, a result of his prolific polygamous practices. Understanding the history of Brigham and his family involves more than just charting names and birthdates. It's a complex task to piece together the vast network of relationships and descendants.

Here are key obstacles you might face:

  • Determining and defining who counts as a wife amidst the controversies of polygamy.
  • Navigating incomplete records and inconsistent documentation across various Mormon denominations.
  • Differentiating among Brigham Young's descendants, given the overlapping names and generations.

Without meticulous research and careful verification, it's easy to lose track of the true lineage within Brigham Young's extensive family history.

Historical Impact

Exploring Brigham Young's family tree, you'll uncover a legacy that not only shaped the religious landscape of the American West but also left a lasting impression on its cultural and social development.

As president of the church, Brigham was pivotal in guiding the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through a period of profound growth and change. His role in settling the Utah territory is indelible, having established Salt Lake City and served as its first governor.

His influence extended to the practice of polygamy and the establishment of his denomination as the main branch of Mormonism after the succession crisis.

Brigham's descendants continue to reflect his enduring legacy, contributing significantly to the arts, culture, and beyond.

Preservation of Records

To ensure that every detail of Brigham Young's extensive lineage is preserved, FamilySearch meticulously maintains records, including vital statistics and historical milestones from his family tree. Preservation of records is crucial because it:

  • Captures significant family events and moments for posterity
  • Includes transcripts that provide biographical insights into Brigham Young's ancestors
  • Maintains language consistency by cataloging entries in the original language of the record

These efforts by FamilySearch mean you have access to a wealth of information, although some microfilm availability may be subject to record custodian decisions and legal considerations. By navigating these restrictions, FamilySearch ensures that the preservation and accessibility of Brigham Young's family tree records are as comprehensive and user-friendly as possible.

Exploring Distant Relatives

Delving into your ancestry can uncover the tapestry of distant relatives who share your connection to Brigham Young, despite the generations that separate you. As you comb through the family tree, you'll encounter branches intertwined with the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, each leaf representing a story, a person, a part of your heritage.

The digital article extends a pathway to your past, with transcripts detailing Brigham Young's expansive lineage. It's a journey through the lives of thousands, from the most notable to the quietly significant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Were Brigham Young's Children?

You're asking about Brigham Young's kids; he fathered 56, with 46 surviving to adulthood. They're from 16 of his wives, forming a vast lineage with notable descendants in various professional fields.

Did Brigham Young Have Siblings?

Yes, you've got it right; Brigham Young did have siblings. He was one of eleven children, sharing his childhood with several brothers and sisters, including his brother Joseph and sister Fanny.

Are There Descendants of Joseph Smith?

Yes, there are descendants of Joseph Smith, many of whom have carried on his legacy in various ways, shaping religious, cultural, and social landscapes through generations.

What Nationality Is Brigham Young?

You're inquiring about Brigham Young's nationality—he was American, known for his leadership in the Latter-day Saint movement and as the first governor of the Utah Territory.


You've journeyed through Brigham Young's ancestry, his complex marriage history, and the legacy of his many children.

You've seen his leadership's profound effect on Utah and explored the notable achievements of his descendants.

Despite genealogical hurdles, you've grasped the historical significance of the Young family and the importance of preserving their records.

As you delve into distant relatives, you're not just tracing a family tree—you're uncovering a pivotal chapter in American history.