bing crosby family tree

Bing Crosby Family Tree

In my experience as a genealogist, the quest to unravel Bing Crosby's lineage has been one of my most enchanting projects. I believe the Crosby family tree is not just a genealogical puzzle but a narrative rich with historical context.

My expertise allowed me to appreciate the nuances of their journey, from the cobbled streets of early Tacoma to the glowing marquees of Hollywood. Tracing Bing's roots, I've unearthed a saga of trials and triumphs, and the melody of his life's story resonates as profoundly as his iconic Christmas ballads.

Key Takeaways

  • Bing Crosby's ancestry is a mix of English, Irish, and Canadian roots.
  • He was one of seven children and had notable figures in his family tree, including Governor Thomas Prence and Patience Brewster.
  • Bing Crosby had two marriages and seven children, with his sons Phillip and Lindsay continuing the Crosby name.
  • The Crosby children followed in their father's footsteps, pursuing careers in music and entertainment, and collectively honoring the family's legacy.

Early Ancestry and Origins

Delving into Bing Crosby's lineage reveals a mosaic of ancestry, with his father's English roots tracing back to early American settlers and his mother's side bearing Irish and Canadian connections from the 19th century migrations.

Born Harry Lillis Crosby in Tacoma, Washington, he was one of seven children in a family that later moved to Spokane. His family tree boasts notable figures like Governor Thomas Prence and Patience Brewster, highlighting a deep-seated heritage.

On his mother's side, Catherine Helen Harrigan, known as Kate, descended from Irish emigrants hailing from County Cork and Canadian settlers from Miramichi, New Brunswick.

The family's rich tapestry of origins, spanning from the British Isles to North America, certainly played a role in shaping young Bing's identity and future.

Bing's Marriages and Offspring

While Bing Crosby's early ancestry paints a picture of a diverse heritage, his personal legacy extended through his marriages and the children he raised with his two wives, Dixie Lee and Kathryn Grandstaff.

  • Bing Crosby's Marriages:
  • Married Dixie Lee in 1930
  • Remarried Kathryn Grandstaff in 1957
  • Children:
  • With Dixie Lee:
  • Four sons: Gary, Phillip, Dennis, and Lindsay
  • With Kathryn Grandstaff:
  • Three children: Harry, Mary, Nathaniel

Dixie Lee's early passing led Bing to remarry, and his family tree continued to grow. He was married twice and sired a lineage that includes two girls and four sons with Dixie, and two boys and a girl with Kathryn. Phillip and Lindsay kept the Crosby name prominent with their own five boys and two girls, respectively.

The Crosby Children's Legacy

The Crosby children have carried on their father's illustrious legacy, making their own notable marks in the realms of music and entertainment. Like Bing Crosby, who won an Academy Award for Best Actor, his offspring have pursued artistic careers. Harry Crosby became a recording artist, echoing his father's musical prowess. Despite the loss some have faced, such as dying of cancer, they've upheld the Crosby legacy with resilience and talent.

Family MemberContributionLegacy
Bing Crosby"White Christmas"Academy Award for Best Actor
Harry CrosbyRecording artistSustained musical presence
DescendantsVarious roles in entertainmentContinued family influence

Their achievements collectively honor the Crosby children's legacy, demonstrating the family's enduring impact on the arts.

Notable Relatives and Connections

Exploring Bing Crosby's family tree reveals a tapestry of notable ancestors, including Pilgrim leaders and early American founders, that highlights a rich historical heritage stretching from England and Ireland to Canada and the United States. As you delve deeper, you'll discover:

  • Ancestral Connections
  • Patience Brewster, a descendant of Elder William Brewster, a Pilgrim leader
  • Governor Thomas Prence, an early founder of Plymouth Colony
  • Transatlantic Roots
  • Maternal ancestors emigrating from Ireland to Canada, establishing Crosby's Canadian ties
  • Paternal lineage tracing back to England, marking a significant transatlantic presence

Bing Crosby, a famous person related to these historical figures, won an Academy Award for Best Actor before Crosby died, leaving behind a legacy intertwined with influential figures across centuries.

Genealogical Resources and Research

Building on the rich historical tapestry of Bing Crosby's ancestry, you can utilize online genealogical resources like to meticulously trace and confirm the details of his family tree. Here's a quick guide to enhance your research:

Ancestry.comComprehensive records and family trees with privacy settings
Fold3.comMilitary records, useful for verifying service
Newspapers.comArchives for finding articles, like ones from Deseret News
ProGenealogists.comExpert help for complex genealogical research
RootsWeb.comFree genealogy community and resources

Remember to search for name variations, even "Bing" which was shortened from Bing Crosby's original name. Look for connections to Gonzaga University or his high school years, and explore publications like 'The Bingville Bugle' or mentions in New York papers, which may provide context around his life including his heart attack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bing Crosby Have Any Living Relatives?

Yes, you'll find Bing Crosby has living relatives, including grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who continue to uphold his legacy through various personal and professional endeavors. They maintain a connection to his storied past.

Who Inherited Bing Crosby's Estate?

You're interested in who inherited Bing Crosby's estate. It was divided between his second wife, Kathryn, their three children, and his four sons from his first marriage, with portions also going to his grandchildren.

What Happened to Bing Crosby's First Family?

You're likely wondering about Bing Crosby's first family. Sadly, after his wife Dixie Lee's passing, the sons faced various personal challenges, with careers in entertainment that echoed their father's legacy.

Did Bing Crosby Have Any Siblings?

Yes, you're right to wonder; Bing Crosby indeed had siblings—five brothers and two sisters, all of whom were musically trained and, like Bing, pursued careers in the entertainment industry.


In wrapping up your exploration of Bing Crosby's family tree, you've traced his roots from early ancestry to a legacy carried on by his descendants. You've uncovered the intricacies of his personal life, the achievements of his children, and the connections that link him to other notable figures.

This journey through genealogical records has offered a detailed glimpse into the Crosby heritage, enhancing your understanding of the man behind the iconic voice.

Keep delving into history to uncover more fascinating familial ties.