Best Dog DNA Test – Review


Key Takeaways:

🧬 Dog owners are increasingly concerned about their aging dogs and want to understand their background through DNA test results to better treat them and make informed decisions about their diet, treatment plan, and overall care.
🕵️‍♀️ Dog DNA tests provide insights into breed details, family lineage, health risks, and other analytical data that can be acted upon.
⏱️ Turnaround times for DNA test results vary, ranging from 1-2 weeks to several months.
✔️ The accuracy of DNA testing depends on expert opinions and information, and tests often have high accuracy ratios listed on the packaging or within the test kits.
🧪 The market offers various dog DNA test kits with different features and price points.
✅ Some popular dog DNA test kits include the Embark Breed & Health Kit, DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test Kit, Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit, and Orivet Mixed-Breed Identification & Life Plan DNA Test Kit.
🐶 The Embark Breed & Health Kit is recommended as it provides health information, breed history, and analysis tools across multiple platforms, while maintaining a non-invasive testing process.
📚 Andras, the author of the web page, has expertise in DNA and its applications in genealogy and genetic testing, helping individuals trace their ancestral heritage and uncover family connections.

As our dogs begin to age, higher concern ratings are drawn from dog owners. Owners want to understand the dog’s background via DNA test results to better treat an aging pal or determine the correct course of action for continued diet, treatment plan, and other such forms of address. By implementing a dog DNA test, we can better gain insights into the details of the breed, family lineage that points to health risks, and other such analytical data that we can act upon. Below is a detailed look at dog DNA tests and some of the top tests coming from this market space.

The Value of Dog DNA Test Kits

While most test kits promote the production of breed information scaling back centuries, most find difficulties in determining the breed percentages for dogs that hold many ancestors. This is a common format for all testing kits as these mixed breeds pose a bit of a conundrum. Below is a comprehensive video that explains the success of tests on mixed breeds:

Finding your Reasoning

The reasoning for testing your dog will weigh heavily on the selection process. If you desire some family history and lineage of the breed, a simple test coming on the low-end evaluation scale with suit your dog. Other, high-end tests will place more feedback behind the DNA results. The upper-end of these tests can go through dog personality traits, developments that occur over time, and underlying health issues relating to breed. While most of this information can be obtained from a simple internet search, the exactness of results will depend on the price point and the features of the test.

Rate of Return

The turnover time for these tests can take months or be subdued to a quick turnaround time frame. When you require quicker results, there are tests placed within the market that will deliver in a 1-2 week period. Others will take months to go over the data sets of obtained information. The tests that take longer to produce will likely involve more information for the user to comb through. Speed is also a condition of these testing methods that is often paid for by the user. The high-end tests often deliver in a quicker time frame, but this is the same course for the depth of the prescribed tests.

Accuracy of Testing

Most of the testing results are pinpointed based on expert opinions and information. The tests are often administered by veterinarian groups that are looking to chronicle data among the many different breeds of existence. Tests will also list their accuracy ratios on the packaging or within test kits, allowing the user to understand the accuracy of the results. Most tests follow a strict administration and application structure, so failing to follow the instructions could dilute your results. Seeking percentage ratios above 95% accurate mark for prime examples of testing kits that will work for your dog.

Dog DNA Test Reviews:

Embark Breed & Health Kit

The Embark testing kit is carried in function and development with trained, veterinary medicine professionals, pointing to the accuracy in results. The breed breakdown is delivered in light of breakdown and history patterns, going back to great-grandparents. Canine Genetic health tests are also delivered through this platform. The test is administered through a simple cheek swab from your pet, keeping the process minimally invasive.

The results are delivered in 2-4 weeks, with progress status updates sent from lab testing. The results are delivered via charts of access, via download or on the Embark dashboard. Other information is detailed via letter and other data sets, breaking down all of the information in an easy-to-understand format.


  • Access to online dashboard and tracking
  • Health conditions and breed information
  • Delivery time


  • The price point is middle-of-the-road for testing kits
  • Status checks might overwhelm your inbox

DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test Kit

Scaling the discussion to the low-end price point, DNA My Dog Breed is a testing kit that guarantees quick turnaround. The results are delivered to the user within a week, placing useful information into the hands of owners quickly. The breakdown submits primarily to breed information and history, straying from the delivery of health information. The results are clear and easy to read, allowing the owner to find detailed descriptions of breed information and family tree. Price keeps this test near the top of the suggestion list.


  • Low-end price point
  • Clear and easy to read reports and results


  • Turnaround time
  • Lack of health information and planning

Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit

Wisdom Panel is one of the most recognizable names in the DNA testing community. Their tests have been around for decades, creating excellence in terms of brand longevity. This company combs through 350 different dog breeds, allowing them to pinpoint the breed types noticed within your pup. The high-end price tag delivers some of the most comprehensive health results as well as family lineage. The turnaround for this brand is delivered in less than a month. This test involves the use of two cheek swabs to emit higher levels of accuracy. Administering the tests comes after a period of fasting for your dog, which marks for the only caveat of this test.


  • Over 350 different breeds accessed for testing
  • Comprehensive health and life plan results


  • High price tag
  • Turnaround time could extend to a month

Orivet Mixed-Breed Identification & Life Plan DNA Test Kit

The Orivet test carries some additional steps that can be taken to improve health concerns you have for your pup. They procure a health and life plan that is delivered with breed information, detailing the historical health concerns for shown breeds and prescribing options for next-step suggestions. The test is administered via cheek swab and takes about a month to receive result posting. While this test doesn’t detail breed information and lineage as much as previous mentions, it does provide peace of mind through the life plan results. These results can be shared with your veterinarian to help combat any health issues that are bound to arise within a given breed.


  • Life planning information that is detailed and informative
  • Non-invasive testing


  • Monthly turnaround time
  • Lack of breed lineage and ancestry information

Viaguard DNAffirm Canine DNA Testing Kit

The Viaguard test is utilized to help share life-long information about your pup’s breed. Comprehensive testing returns results in a matter of 2 weeks. The test remains non-invasive to your pup. The test also goes through some of the personality traits noticed within each percentage of the breed types, leading to useful information about training regimens, dietary plans, and health administrations to bank from in the future. The price point remains near the low-end of the spectrum, keeping your wallet in good-standing for obtaining these results for your canine.


  • Quick turnaround time
  • Personality trait analysis


  • Lack of health information
  • Places action plans to the discretion of the owner


After detailing some of the major testing options on the market, the Embark Breed & Health kit remains our perfect option for balance. Delivering health information and detailing the history of the breed creates a 2-headed result process that is worth the price point. The additional charts and analysis tools allow for easy access on multiple platforms. Each test keeps non-invasive delivery for your pup, an important distinction to keep in your line of sight. Protect your pup’s future and prescribe a DNA test to prepare them for long and healthy life.


Q: What is the best dog DNA test?

A: The best dog DNA test currently available is the Wisdom Panel Premium.

Q: What is the difference between the Wisdom Panel Premium and the Wisdom Panel Essential?

A: The Wisdom Panel Premium offers breed identification for 350 breeds, while the Wisdom Panel Essential focuses on breed identification only.

Q: Can I use a dog DNA kit to test the breed of my cat?

A: No, dog DNA kits are specifically designed for testing the breed of dogs and may not provide accurate results for cats.

Q: Does the Embark dog DNA test offer breed identification?

A: Yes, the Embark dog DNA test offers breed identification for over 350 dog breeds.

Q: How accurate are dog DNA tests?

A: The accuracy of dog DNA tests can vary depending on the brand and the quality of their testing methods. However, both Wisdom Panel and Embark are considered to be among the most accurate dog DNA tests on the market.

Q: Can a dog DNA test determine if my dog is a purebred?

A: Yes, a dog DNA test can determine if your dog is a purebred by comparing its DNA to the DNA profiles of known purebred dogs.

Q: Can a dog DNA test also test for human DNA?

A: No, dog DNA tests are specifically designed to test for the DNA of dogs and cannot provide accurate results for human DNA.

Q: How do I collect my dog’s DNA sample for a DNA test?

A: Most dog DNA kits provide instructions on how to collect a DNA sample from your dog. This typically involves swabbing the inside of your dog’s cheek with a provided swab.

Q: How long does it take to get the results of a dog DNA test?

A: The time it takes to get the results of a dog DNA test can vary depending on the brand. However, most tests provide results within a few weeks.

Q: Can a dog DNA test determine the breed makeup of a mixed-breed dog?

A: Yes, a dog DNA test can determine the breed makeup of a mixed-breed dog by analyzing its DNA and comparing it to the DNA profiles of known dog breeds.