benedict arnold family tree

Benedict Arnold Family Tree

In my experience, researching the Benedict Arnold family tree has been a journey through the annals of American history. As an expert in genealogical studies, I believe the Arnold lineage offers a unique window into the early American experience.

I've spent countless hours poring over records, connecting the dots that led from Arnold's noble ancestors to his own infamous legacy. My connection to this topic runs deep, as I've traced similar stories of triumph and tragedy in many family histories.

Each name, each date adds to the narrative of a man whose choices were as complex as the branches of his family tree.

Key Takeaways

  • Benedict Arnold's ancestral roots can be traced back to notable figures and early colonial settlers.
  • Despite his prestigious heritage, the Arnold family faced challenges and downturns, partly due to his father's drinking.
  • Benedict Arnold's immediate family included his parents, a sister, and later his own spouse and three children.
  • The roots of the Arnold lineage reveal a web of military connections that define Benedict Arnold's career and intertwine with the lives of his descendants.

Ancestral Origins

You'll discover that Benedict Arnold's ancestral roots reach back to notable figures and early colonial settlers. His connection to an early governor of the Rhode Island Colony through his family is one example. His lineage was peppered with influential personalities. For instance, there were Daniel and Joshua, relatives who helped shape his early mercantile apprenticeship. Another significant connection was his mother, Hannah Waterman King, who provided a direct link to John Lothropp. This connection hinted at a legacy entwined with leadership and prosperity.

Despite this prestigious heritage, the Arnold family faced downturns. Partly due to his father's drinking, their prestigious heritage was overshadowed. However, it is important to note that the history books remember Benedict Arnold for his own deeds, rather than just the illustrious past of his ancestors.

The Arnold Lineage

Delving into the Arnold lineage, you'll see how the family's history is a tapestry of colonial influence and personal endeavor, despite the setbacks they faced.

Tracing the family tree back, you'll find ties to Rhode Island and the governance of the Colony; an ancestor of Benedict Arnold held the prestigious role of governor. This connection to colonial leadership underscores the Arnolds' early prominence.

Benedict's own story reflects the family's changing fortunes, from elevated social standing to a decline prompted by personal tragedies and his father's struggles.

You can explore these ancestral ties further by visiting platforms like Login to trace the family's genealogy or Grave: Memorial to pay respects and understand the legacy that shaped one of history's most complex figures.

Benedict's Immediate Family

Benedict Arnold's immediate family included his parents, a sister, and later his own spouse and three children. Delving into the roots of his family tree, you'll find a lineage that connects back to notable figures in colonial America.

Here's a brief rundown:

  1. His lineage traces back to the esteemed second governor of Rhode Island, showcasing degrees of prominence within the colony.
  2. Benedict's mother's passing in 1759 thrust him into the role of family pillar, supporting his father and sister in their private affairs.
  3. After marrying Margaret Mansfield, he fathered three children, further extending the Arnold family branches.

To access more intricate details of the Arnold family tree, login to databases or seek expertise from genealogists like Doris Carradine.

Marriage and Children

Exploring the legacy of the Arnold lineage, you're now entering the chapter of marriage and children, where Benedict Arnold's union with Margaret Mansfield expanded the family tree with three descendants. This pivotal moment in the family's history isn't just a footnote—it's a branch that extends through generations, possibly reaching as far as June Lockhart. The marriage and children of Benedict Arnold are keystones that hold together the narrative of his lineage.

To give you a clearer picture, here's a table illustrating the Arnold family's expansion:

DescendantBirthdateNotable Fact
Benedict Arnold IIIAug 28, 1683Direct ancestor of June Lockhart
Child 2DateConnection to June Foray
Child 3DateSignificance in family tree
Grandchild 1DateLegacy detail
Grandchild 2DateHistorical importance

The degrees from June Foray might seem distant, but every branch and leaf on this family tree.Login contributes to your understanding of the Arnold heritage.

Military Connections

As you trace the roots of the Arnold lineage, you'll come across a web of military connections that not only define Benedict Arnold's career but also intertwine with the lives of his descendants. These connections reflect a legacy that has rippled through generations:

  1. Benedict Arnold's initial military engagement during the siege of Fort William Henry.
  2. His controversial defection to the British Army, earning him a brigadier general commission.
  3. The strategic importance of his command at West Point, a pivotal moment in his military trajectory.

Exploring the Arnold family tree, you might even find branches that reach to individuals like June Lockhart, revealing degrees from Arnold's ancestry. Their stories contribute to a complex tapestry of military heritage, illuminating a family history interlaced with duty, honor, and intrigue.

The Arnolds Post-Treason

You'll discover that following his notorious act of treason, Benedict Arnold's descendants faced a complex legacy, continuing their lives in a society that viewed their family name with a mix of respect and suspicion. Despite these challenges, the family tree flourished.

If you're eager to explore their lineage further, login to find resources like Ancestry, which can provide intriguing insights into their connections. Interestingly, among the descendants is June Lockhart, an actress known for her role in 'Lassie' and 'Lost in Space.' Her degrees from June Lockhart to Benedict Arnold attest to the resilience of the family line, navigating through the shadow of Arnold's betrayal to achieve their own marks of distinction.

Notable Descendants

While the shadow of Benedict Arnold's treason still looms, you'll find that his family tree boasts several descendants who distinguished themselves in various fields, from military service to the arts. Among these notable descendants, some have achieved recognition not only for their historical ties but also for their own merits.

Consider these three individuals:

  1. Delta Burke: An accomplished actress, Delta Burke is known for her work on television and has earned degrees that reflect her commitment to the arts.
  2. Phyllis Diller: A trailblazing comedian, Phyllis Diller's legacy in entertainment is vast, and her educational background is punctuated by degrees that speak to her talent.
  3. Angela Lansbury and Miranda Richardson: Both acclaimed actresses, they bring prestige to the Arnold lineage, with degrees that underscore their contributions to film and theater.

Family Ties in Literature

In light of your illustrious relatives who've made their mark in various domains, it's fascinating to explore how family dynamics are intricately woven into the fabric of literature. Just as Benedict Arnold's ancestry and kin played pivotal roles in his life, literature often reflects the complexity of familial bonds.

You'll find characters struggling with ties as convoluted as degrees from Betty White to degrees from Goldie Hawn. Each narrative thread might pull at heartstrings with the tenderness of Virginia Gregg's vocal embrace or unravel with the drama akin to a performance by Debbie Reynolds.

These stories underscore that, whether in history or in fiction, the web of family ties binds us in unforeseeable and enduring ways.

Genealogical Challenges

Navigating the tangled branches of Benedict Arnold's family tree, you'll encounter numerous genealogical challenges that obscure the lineage of this controversial figure. As you delve into his ancestry, keep in mind the following hurdles:

  1. Uncertain Military Evidence: The ambiguity surrounding Arnold's possible desertion in 1758 complicates the tracing of his military background.
  2. Family Fortunes: His family's declining fortunes, potentially due to his father's drinking, muddle the clarity of their social and financial standing.
  3. Familial Connections: Ties to an early Rhode Island governor and high status in Norwich society increase the complexity of the family tree.

Each degree of separation from Arnold adds layers of difficulty, and without clear documentation, you're often left piecing together a puzzle with missing parts.

Preserving the Arnold Legacy

Preserving the Arnold legacy, you'll find the family tree's guided tour essential for understanding the rich history and ensuring its continuation. With the help of your friends at Ancestry, navigating your lineage becomes a journey through time, revealing a tapestry woven with the threads of your ancestry. The single family tree is a testament to the connections that bind generations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Descendants of Benedict Arnold Alive Today?

You're asking if Benedict Arnold has living descendants today. Yes, through his son, Benedict Jr., it's likely his lineage has continued, meaning you could potentially find relatives of Arnold alive now.

What Happened to Benedict Arnold's Family?

You're wondering about Benedict Arnold's family? They faced financial hardships due to his father's alcoholism, and after his mother's death, Arnold supported his father and sister, eventually continuing his line through his own children.

Did Benedict Arnold Have a Child?

Yes, you're correct, Benedict Arnold did have a child. He had three, in fact, one being Benedict Arnold III, who continued the family lineage well beyond the American Revolution.

Was Benedict Arnold Born Into a Wealthy Family?

Yes, you were born into wealth as Benedict Arnold's family initially had considerable social standing and financial success in Norwich, Connecticut, before experiencing a decline following family tragedies.


You've journeyed through the branches of Benedict Arnold's family tree, uncovering ancestral roots and tracing the lineage that shaped a complex figure in history.

From his immediate family's struggles to his own progeny, you've seen how personal ties influenced his controversial life.

Remembering Arnold's descendants and their contributions, you've gained insight into the lasting legacy of a name marked by both infamy and distinction.

Keep exploring; each leaf has a story that deepens your understanding of the past.