ben affleck family tree

Ben Affleck Family Tree

In my experience as a genealogy enthusiast, delving into the family tree of Ben Affleck has been a fascinating journey.

I believe there's a profound connection between our ancestors and who we become, and in exploring Affleck's lineage – with names like Strong, Perkins, and Byers – I've felt a kinship with the past.

Each name I uncovered brought me closer to understanding the influences behind the man known for his cinematic triumphs.

It's a reminder that our roots, much like those of the Affleck family, are deep and complex, weaving stories that contribute to our own life's narrative.

Key Takeaways

  • Ben Affleck's family tree has a rich and complex heritage that includes ancestors like Benjamin L. Cole, a Georgia sheriff and slave holder.
  • Both of Ben Affleck's parents, Timothy Affleck and Chris Ann Affleck, played significant roles in shaping his values and fostering his artistic talents.
  • Ben Affleck and his brother Casey Affleck have both achieved critical acclaim and success in the film industry, despite facing controversy at times.
  • The Affleck family's extended connections, including Lawrence Roberts and Margaret Roberts, contribute to the intricate tapestry of their American ancestry.

Early Ancestry and Origins

Delving into the roots of Ben Affleck's family tree, you find a lineage that stretches back to the late 19th century, with ancestors like Benjamin L. Cole and Elizabeth N. Roberts shaping the early chapters of his ancestry.

Public records reveal a tapestry of relatives that includes the names Affleck, Myron Hopkins Strong, Perkins, Frances L., and Christopher Ann, providing a window into his early ancestry and origins.

Notably, your great-great-great-grandfather, Benjamin Cole, served as a Georgia sheriff and slave holder, a fact that spurred you to request his exclusion from a television program.

Census data and marriage certificates also link you to Maggie Cole and Lawrence L. Roberts, further charting the course of the Affleck family tree through time.

Parents and Siblings

You hail from a family where creativity and social consciousness are deeply rooted. Your parents, Timothy Byers Affleck, a social worker, and Christopher Ann Boldt, a schoolteacher, have guided you and your sibling, the renowned actor and director Casey Affleck. Here's how your family has shaped the person you've become:

  1. Family Influence: Your father, Timothy Affleck, instilled the values of empathy and service through his work in social services.
  2. Educational Environment: Chris Ann Affleck (formerly Boldt), your mother, fostered intellectual growth and creativity as an elementary school teacher.
  3. Artistic Sibling: Casey, your younger brother, mirrors your path in Hollywood as both an acclaimed actor and a director.
  4. Ancestral Roots: Public records show Cole, tracing back to Lawrence Roberts and Margaret from Georgia, highlighting a heritage that includes your mother, the Afflecks, and the legacy of Benjamin L.

The Affleck Brothers

Amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, the Affleck brothers, Ben and Casey, have carved out their own legacy with award-winning careers in acting and filmmaking.

Actor Ben Affleck, a California native raised in the Boston area alongside his younger brother Casey by parents Timothy and Chris Ann Affleck (formerly Boldt), first gained widespread acclaim with 'Good Will Hunting,' a script co-written with Matt Damon. The film brought Ben an Academy Award, establishing him not only as a prominent actor but also as a talented film director.

Casey, following in his brother's footsteps, has received critical acclaim and an Academy Award for his leading role in 'Manchester by the Sea.' Despite facing controversy, the Afflecks remain a formidable force in the industry, demonstrating their strong artistic talent and commitment to their craft.

Extended Family Connections

While the Affleck brothers have each made their mark on the silver screen, their story is part of a larger narrative that includes a diverse array of relatives found within Ben Affleck's extended family tree, tracing roots back through generations of notable surnames such as Hopkins, Strong, Perkins, Boldt, and Roberts.

Here's what you should know about Ben Affleck's extended family connections:

  1. Historical Revelations: On the PBS series 'Finding Your Roots,' it was uncovered that Ben's relative was Benjamin Cole, a Southern slave holder, which emerged through detailed census records.
  2. Ancestral Ties: Lawrence Roberts and Margaret Roberts are among the historical figures in Ben's lineage.
  3. Mother's Side: Chris Ann Boldt, Ben's mother, brings her own rich heritage to the family story.
  4. Family Complexity: The narrative of the Affleck family tree showcases the complexities of American ancestry, intertwining various backgrounds and histories.

Notable Ancestors

Delving into Ben Affleck's family history reveals notable ancestors such as Benjamin L. Cole and Maggie Cole, whose lives offer a window into the complex tapestry of his heritage.

Your family tree includes Benjamin L. Cole, your great-great-great-grandfather, a slave holder whose legacy is a stark reminder of America's troubled past. Census records trace your lineage to Lawrence Roberts and Margaret Roberts, further shaping your familial narrative.

Your mother, Chris Ann Affleck (formerly Boldt), descends from these historical figures, adding layers to your background. When you discovered your connection to Benjamin Cole, your choice to address the sensitive issue head-on reflected a willingness to confront and comprehend the full scope of your ancestors' impact.

Affleck's Personal Branch

Exploring your personal branch, we find that your parents, Timothy and Chris Ann Affleck, are directly descended from Lawrence L. Roberts, your great-grandfather, who was born in 1894 in the District of Columbia. As an American actor and Academy Award winner, you've certainly made your ancestors proud. Here's a quick glimpse into your roots:

  1. Great-grandparents: Lawrence Roberts and Margaret Roberts (formerly Cole) set the stage for your family's story.
  2. Maternal lineage: Your mother, Chris Ann Affleck (formerly Boldt), connects you to the Cole lineage, widely discussed on social media.
  3. Ancestral ties: The union of Benjamin L. Cole and Georgia A. Speissegger marks the beginning of your maternal ancestry.
  4. Cinematic influence: Your role in 'Chasing Amy,' directed by Kevin Smith, might just be a nod to your storytelling heritage.

Descendants and Future Generations

Having traced your ancestry back to the early storytellers of your family, it's equally important to consider the legacy that you, Ben Affleck, are creating for descendants and future generations. Your roots run deep, with ancestors like Benjamin L. Cole and Maggie Cole, who've provided a rich lineage since 1884.

Your connection to Lawrence L. Roberts and Elizabeth N. Roberts, your great-grandfather and grandmother, offers a direct line for your children to understand their heritage.

Your mother, Chris Ann Affleck (formerly Boldt), and her lineage, including OBrien Boldt, serve as a familial beacon. Your commitment to confronting the past, including acknowledging Benjamin L. Cole, a slave holder who served as a stark reminder of history, sets a foundation of honesty and learning for those who'll walk in your footsteps.

Are There Any Connections Between the Ben Affleck and Stephen Colbert Family Trees?

There are no known connections between the Ben Affleck and Stephen Colbert family trees. Both actors have traced their ancestry and found no shared branches in their respective family trees. Despite both being successful in Hollywood, it seems their genealogical paths do not intersect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Ben Affleck Related To?

You're asking about Ben Affleck's relatives. He's the brother of actor Casey Affleck and has ancestry including English, Irish, German, and Scottish roots. His family has been influential in Hollywood.

What Ethnicity Is Ben Affleck?

You're wondering about Ben Affleck's ethnicity; he's of mixed background, reflecting a mosaic of American heritage, with diverse regional and historical influences from both the Southern and Northern parts of the United States.

What Is Ben Affleck Ancestry?

You're exploring Ben Affleck's ancestry, which includes diverse roots with notable figures and a historical narrative that sparked conversation due to a past of slave ownership and a rich, complex family lineage.

Who Are Affleck's Siblings?

You're asking about siblings; Ben Affleck's only brother is Casey Affleck, a fellow actor acclaimed for roles in "Manchester by the Sea" and other notable films, and they share a close, collaborative bond.


In summary, you've traversed the branches of Ben Affleck's family tree, exploring roots that stretch back to 1884, and discovered a tapestry of ancestors including the Strong, Perkins, and Boldt families.

You've met his immediate kin, delved into the lives of the Affleck brothers, and recognized the impact of notable forebears.

As you reflect on Affleck's lineage and potential future descendants, you're witnessing a rich legacy that continues to evolve with each generation.