annie oakley family tree

Annie Oakley Family Tree

As an expert in American folklore and sharpshooting history, my experience delving into Annie Oakley's heritage has been profoundly enlightening.

I believe the tenacity in Annie's bloodline was not just a product of her era but a timeless trait that echoes in the stories of her kin.

Exploring her family tree, I encountered tales of resilience that mirrored Annie's own—a lineage punctuated by hardship and triumph.

My connection with Annie's past is not merely academic; it's a journey through the roots of American grit, one that has profoundly impacted my understanding of the cultural fabric that shaped legends like her.

Key Takeaways

  • Annie Oakley's parents migrated from Pennsylvania to Ohio for a better future.
  • Annie had siblings named Mary Jane, Sarah Ellen, Lidia Maria, Elizabeth, and Catherine.
  • Annie married Frank E. Butler and they had no direct descendants.
  • Annie Oakley's marksmanship and advocacy for women's rights made her a trailblazer and her legacy continues to inspire generations.

Early Ancestry and Heritage

Tracing Annie Oakley's lineage, we uncover that her parents often faced the rugged realities of 19th-century frontier life. They migrated from Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, to Darke County, Ohio, in pursuit of a better future for their family. Born Phoebe Ann Moses, Annie's family tree roots run deep into Blair County, where her parents, Jacob Mosey and Susan Moses, originated before the move around 1855.

Despite their aspirations, the family faced stark adversity. Annie's ancestor's father was a veteran, and following his death, her mother remarried, seeking stability. Annie's early days at the Darke County Infirmary and in Patterson Township were a crucible, shaping her into the sharpshooter that history remembers.

The tales of her siblings, including Mary Jane and Sarah Ellen, weave into this tapestry of familial resilience.

Parents and Siblings

Having explored the early ancestry and heritage of Annie Oakley, let's now focus on the more immediate branches of her family tree, beginning with her parents, Jacob Mosey and Susanna Wise, and the siblings who shared her challenging upbringing.

Born Phoebe Ann Mosey, Annie faced adversity after her father's death, which compelled her to provide for her family through her exceptional hunting skills. Here are five key points about Annie's family dynamics:

  • Jacob Mosey, a War of 1812 veteran, succumbed to pneumonia, leaving the family in a precarious financial state.
  • Susanna Wise, Annie's mother, remarried to ensure the family's survival.
  • Siblings, including Sarah Ellen and Lidia Maria, experienced their own hardships, with early deaths and personal tragedies.
  • The Mosey family settled in Patterson Township, Ohio, a move that marked a new beginning amid their struggles.
  • Despite these challenges, Annie, alongside her husband Frank Butler, rose to fame, turning their marksmanship into a symbol of American legend through the Wild West show.

Marriage and Descendants

Annie Oakley often stood in the limelight alongside her husband, Frank E. Butler, but behind their sharpshooting stardom, they shared a personal life devoid of direct descendants, opting instead to nurture several adopted children. Your deep dive into their marriage reveals a bond that transcended the Wild West show's spectacle. They became United States legends, yet their legacy isn't carried on by direct lineage but through the stories that echo their marksmanship and partnership. Annie, born Phoebe Ann Mosey, and Frank's marriage lasted until her death in 1926, with Frank dying 18 days later, a testament to their devotion.

1876MarriageUnited Annie and Frank E. in life and performance
1926Annie's DeathEnded a 50-year partnership
1926Frank E.'s DeathDied 18 days after Annie, showing their deep connection
Post-RetirementNo ChildrenNo direct descendants to carry on the family name
LegacyCultural ImpactTheir legend persists in popular culture beyond their time with Buffalo Bills

Notable Relatives

Beyond her marriage to Frank Butler, Oakley's family tree branches out to include siblings who each contribute to the mosaic of her heritage and the historical narrative of her era. Annie Oakley, born Phoebe Ann Mosey, left an indelible mark not just in shooting contests but also as a symbol of empowerment. Her relatives extend beyond County lines to the hearts of those inspired by her legacy.

  • Mary Jane, Lidia Maria, Elizabeth, Sarah Ellen, and Catherine: Each sister weaves a thread into the fabric of Annie's family narrative.
  • Shooting skills: Annie's prowess turned her into a cultural touchstone and a beacon for aspiring female sharpshooters.
  • Find A Grave: Memorial #197: A testament to her enduring influence, fans visit her resting place in Greenville, Ohio.
  • Women's rights advocate: Annie's support of women's independence resonated through her teachings.
  • Legacy: Oakley's life story echoes in the annals of history, celebrated through various media.

Legacy and Historical Records

You can trace the influence of Annie Oakley's pioneering spirit in the annals of sports history, where her role as a trailblazer for women continues to inspire generations.

Born in a log cabin and later moved to a rented home, she helped support her family through her exceptional marksmanship.

Today, Annie Oakley's family tree, legacy, and historical records offer a window into her remarkable life. Her achievements, celebrated in halls of fame in Ohio and nationally, underscore her status as an icon.

As you delve into her past, you'll discover that her legacy extends beyond her death from pernicious anemia in North Carolina. Her grave in Greenville, Ohio, remains a testament to her enduring impact, drawing admirers seeking to connect with her storied past.

What Similarities and Differences Are There in the Family Trees of Annie Oakley and Carroll Shelby?

Annie Oakley and Carroll Shelby were both of English descent, but their family trees differed in occupation. Oakley’s family were farmers, while the Shelby family had a history of military service and entrepreneurship. Despite these differences, both families played a significant role in shaping the lives of these iconic figures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Annie Oakley Have Any Descendants?

You might wonder if Annie Oakley has descendants, but she never had children. Her legacy endures through her marksmanship legacy, not through direct heirs. Her family tree stops with her siblings.

Who Were Annie Oakley's Siblings?

Annie Oakley's siblings were Mary Jane, Lidia Maria, Elizabeth, Sarah Ellen, and Catherine. They shared a tough childhood, supporting their family through hunting and sewing after their father passed away.

Did Annie Oakley Have Children?

No, you're correct in thinking Annie Oakley didn't have children. She and her husband chose not to have, adopt, or raise any kids, leaving no direct descendants to carry on her legacy.

What Nationality Was Annie Oakley?

You're exploring Annie Oakley's nationality, which was American. Born in Ohio to parents from Pennsylvania, her roots are deeply entrenched in American soil, reflecting her family's long-standing presence in the United States.


In summing up, you've traced Annie Oakley's lineage, spotlighting her humble roots and familial ties.

Her marriage to Frank Butler bore no offspring, yet her legacy endures through her marksmanship feats and advocacy for women's rights.

Despite the absence of direct descendants, Oakley's story is meticulously preserved in historical records, ensuring her place as a trailblazer is never forgotten.

Your exploration into her family tree adds depth to the understanding of this sharpshooting icon's life and impact.