What am I to My Mom’s Cousin? Exploring Family Relationships

Ever wonder what your relationship is specific to your mom’s cousin? Do you know the correct terminology for referring to them in a family tree? If not, it can be confusing to keep track of all the different degrees of relationships. Understanding how members of a family are related is key to accurately filling out your family tree and knowing how all of the pieces fit together. Let’s explore what you are to your mom’s cousin.

To put it simply, your mom’s cousin is your first cousin once removed if his grandparents are your great-grandparents. There is a generation difference between you two. However, if your mom’s cousin has kids, they would be considered your second cousins with no “removed” added because the two of you share the same great-grandparents.

First Cousins and First Cousins Once Removed

Your mom’s cousin, is also known as your first cousin. A first cousin is someone who has two shared grandparents with you. Your first cousins are likely closer in age than you, since they have the same parents as your mother or father. If it turns out that your mom’s cousin is older than you, then they would be referred to as a first cousin once removed — meaning that their relationship with you has been removed by one generation or one degree of separation.

On the other hand, if your mom’s cousin is younger than you, then they would be considered a first cousin twice removed — meaning that their relationship with you has been removed by two generations or two degrees of separation.

Second Cousins and Their Relationship With You

If we go one step further out from being a first cousin, then we get into second cousins — people who share great-grandparents rather than grandparents. Just like when looking at first cousins, if your second cousins are older than you, then they would be referred to as second cousins once removed and if they are younger than you then they would be considered second cousins twice removed.

It might seem confusing at times trying to remember these distinctions between the various types of family relationships but taking some time to understand them can help ensure that information on your family tree is accurate and complete.


The degree of relationship between any two people in a family tree can be correctly identified by understanding what each person shares in terms of grandparents or great-grandparents on both sides of the family tree. Your mom’s cousin is known as a first cousin while further out relations such as second cousins can be identified depending on if the relation is older or younger than yourself – referred to as ‘once removed’ or ‘twice removed’ respectively. Knowing this can help when filling out an accurate family tree or simply when referring to relations during conversations about families!