Atlas Biomed Review

Atlas Biomed Review – Read this before you buy! (2023)

With their DNA and microbiome testing kits, you can unlock valuable insights about your health and well-being.

Atlas Biomed offers a range of information through their DNA test, including genetic predisposition for various diseases, carrier status for health conditions, physical traits, and ancestry. Their microbiome test focuses on gut health, providing insights into disease protection, microbiome composition, and metabolism.

The test process is simple: just follow the instructions provided in the kit. You’ll receive a sample tube and a prepaid returns envelope to send back your samples. Make sure to register your samples using the unique barcode included to access your results.

Once your results are ready, they will be available on an online dashboard where you can view personalized recommendations and insights based on your data. However, some areas of the results and recommendations could benefit from more specific details.

Although Atlas Biomed does not currently ship to the United States, they do offer shipping services to 13 other countries. The tests are priced at $149 and come with a complimentary 30-minute genetic consultation.

Overall, Atlas Biomed provides a comprehensive health testing experience that can help you gain a deeper understanding of your body’s unique needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Atlas Biomed offers two health testing kits: a DNA test and a microbiome test.
  • The DNA test provides genetic predisposition for 20 diseases, carrier status for 317 health conditions, assessment of physical traits and behaviors, and ancestry profile.
  • The microbiome test focuses on gut health, providing insights into disease protection, microbiome composition, food recommendations, and metabolism of fiber and vitamins.
  • The test results are available on an online dashboard, which provides personalized recommendations and insights on various health factors.

What Atlas Biomed offers?

Atlas Biomed provides a range of health tests that can give you valuable insights into your genetic predisposition and disease risk. With their DNA test, you can uncover information about your genetic makeup, including your risk for 20 diseases and carrier status for over 300 health conditions. This test also assesses physical traits and behaviors, as well as providing an ancestry profile.

If you’re interested in understanding more about your gut health, the microbiome test focuses on providing insights into disease protection, microbiome composition, food recommendations, and even the metabolism of fiber and vitamins.

By taking these tests with Atlas Biomed, you can gain a deeper understanding of your own health and make informed decisions to improve your wellbeing.

Test process and results

To begin the testing process, you’ll simply create an account, purchase the desired test kit, provide your sample, and send it off to the lab.

For the microbiome test offered by Atlas Biomed, you will need to provide a stool sample. Once your sample arrives at the lab, it will be analyzed using advanced DNA microarray technology.

The testing process takes approximately 4-8 weeks for results to be delivered. You can access your results through a personal account on the website.

The results report provides detailed information about your gut health, including insights into disease protection, microbiome composition, food recommendations, and metabolism of fiber and vitamins. The report also includes scores for diversity, butyrate production, gluten/lactose metabolism, and inflammation potential.

Additionally, actionable recommendations are provided based on your results to help improve your nutrition and overall health.

Pros and Cons

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of Atlas Biomed’s health testing services to help you make an informed decision about your personalized health journey.

|Comprehensive testing|Unavailability in the United States|
|User-friendly dashboard|Higher cost compared to other companies|
|Personalized dietary recommendations|Focus on SNPs and microbiome may not be suitable for everyone|

Atlas Biomed offers a comprehensive approach to health testing, providing both DNA and microbiome tests. Their user-friendly dashboard allows easy access to your results and personalized recommendations. One major advantage is their focus on dietary recommendations based on your test results, helping you make informed choices about your nutrition. However, it is important to note that Atlas Biomed currently does not ship to the United States, limiting accessibility for customers outside of Europe. Additionally, their tests may be relatively more expensive compared to other companies offering similar services. It’s also worth considering that their emphasis on genetic variations (SNPs) and the microbiome might not align with everyone’s preferences or needs.

Customer Service, Privacy Policy, Company Details

Explore the world of customer service and privacy policies as you journey through the inner workings of a health testing company.

Atlas Biomed prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering support through online tracking and email communication. While there’s no live chat or online form for immediate assistance, they strive to address any concerns or questions promptly.

When it comes to privacy, Atlas Biomed values the security of customer data. They’ve implemented measures to ensure that personal information remains protected throughout the testing process.

As a London-based company founded in 2016, Atlas Biomed has gained recognition for its comprehensive health testing services. With a lab located in the Netherlands, they offer accurate and reliable results within 4 weeks.

Take comfort in knowing that your genetic information is in trusted hands with Atlas Biomed’s commitment to privacy and their dedication to exceptional customer service.

Limitations and drawbacks

Uncover the limitations and drawbacks that may leave you feeling frustrated and wanting more from your health testing experience.

While Atlas Biomed offers a comprehensive testing kit and an online dashboard to access your results, there are some limitations to consider.

First, it’s important to note that Atlas Biomed does not currently ship to the United States, which can be disappointing for potential customers in that region.

Additionally, while the online dashboard provides quick insights into your health data, some results lack clear explanations and require additional research to fully understand.

Furthermore, although the test includes actionable recommendations for lifestyle changes, some of these recommendations lack specific details on how to implement them effectively.

It’s also worth mentioning that support options are limited with no live chat or online form available for customer assistance.

Overall, while Atlas Biomed offers valuable insights, there are areas where improvements could be made to enhance the user experience even further.

Comparison with other companies

Now let’s compare Atlas Biomed with other companies in the field of DNA testing.

While there are several companies offering similar tests like Nebula Genomics, Biohm, Biomesight, DayTwo, Ixcela, Kean Health, OlaWell, Onegevity, Psomagen, Rootine, Sun Genomics, Ombre, and Verisana, Atlas Biomed stands out for its comprehensive testing and user-friendly app.

However, it’s important to note that Atlas Biomed has some limitations and drawbacks such as its focus on SNPs and microbiome analysis. Additionally, the cost of their tests may be higher compared to other companies.

Furthermore, one major drawback is that Atlas Biomed does not currently ship to the United States. Therefore, if you are located in the US and looking for a DNA test company with worldwide shipping options, you may need to explore other options available in the market.


In conclusion, Atlas Biomed offers comprehensive DNA and microbiome testing kits that provide valuable insights into one’s genetic predisposition for diseases, physical traits, ancestry, gut health, disease protection, microbiome composition, and metabolism.

The test process is convenient and includes detailed instructions and a prepaid returns envelope. The results are accessed through an online dashboard with personalized recommendations. While some areas of the results could be more specific, the tests are reasonably priced at $149 and come with a complimentary genetic consultation.

However, it’s important to note that Atlas Biomed currently doesn’t ship to the United States.

Which DNA testing service is better, LivingDNA or Atlas Biomed?

When comparing DNA testing services, it’s crucial to consider factors like accuracy, variety of reports, and privacy measures. To determine which is better between LivingDNA and Atlas Biomed, it is recommended to refer to a livingdna review 2023 that will provide up-to-date insights into their performance, features, and user experiences. This review will serve as a valuable resource for making an informed decision about which DNA testing service to choose.


Q: What is Atlas Biomed Review?

A: Atlas Biomed Review is a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the Atlas Biomed DNA testing service. It provides insights into the features, benefits, and limitations of the service.

Q: What does Atlas Biomed provide?

A: Atlas Biomed provides two kits: the Atlas Biomed DNA Test kit and the Atlas Biomed Microbiome Test kit.

Q: How does the Atlas Biomed DNA Test work?

A: The Atlas Biomed DNA Test uses DNA microarray technology to analyze your genetic profile. It involves providing a saliva sample in a test tube and sending it back to Atlas Biomed for sequencing.

Q: What can I learn from the Atlas Biomed DNA Test?

A: The Atlas Biomed DNA Test provides information about your health-related traits, hereditary risk factors, and disease prevalence. It can also help you understand the impact of your lifestyle choices on your health.

Q: What is the Atlas Biomed Microbiome Test?

A: The Atlas Biomed Microbiome Test analyzes the types of bacteria in your gut. It provides insights into your gut health, beneficial bacteria, and risk factors for certain diseases such as ulcerative colitis.

Q: How do I use Atlas Biomed?

A: To use Atlas Biomed, you need to order the desired testing kit, collect the necessary sample as instructed, and send it back to Atlas Biomed. You will then receive an email with instructions on how to access and interpret your results.

Q: Can I understand the results easily?

A: Yes, the results provided by Atlas Biomed are presented in a user-friendly format. They include easy-to-understand explanations and visualizations to help you interpret your genetic and microbiome data.

Q: Can Atlas Biomed personalize my recommendations?

A: Yes, Atlas Biomed can personalize your recommendations based on your genetic profile, microbiome analysis, and lifestyle questionnaire. The service offers tailored advice on nutrition, physical activity, and other health-related aspects.

Q: Does Atlas Biomed provide information on disease risk?

A: Yes, Atlas Biomed provides insights into your individual disease risks based on your genetic and microbiome data. It can identify your risk for certain health conditions and help you understand proactive measures to reduce those risks.

Q: How much does Atlas Biomed cost?

A: The cost of using Atlas Biomed varies depending on the specific test or package you choose. For detailed pricing information, please visit the Atlas Biomed website or contact their customer support.