Ancestry DNA Testing Companies’ Database Size


Key Takeaways:

🔍 AncestryDNA has a database size of 16 million.
🔍 23andMe has a database size of 10 million.
🔍 MyHeritage has a database size of 2.4 million.
🔍 FamilyTreeDNA has a database size of 1 million.
🔍 LivingDNA did not provide information about its database size.

AncestryDNA16 million
23andMe10 million
MyHeritage2.4 million
FamilyTreeDNA1 million
LivingDNANo data provided

Below are the answers I received from the top 5 DNA testing companies about their database size. For more details and information, read this comparison: Ancestry.com vs 23andMe.

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According to my ethnicity calculation (based on Principal Component Analysis), my family tree research, and database size investigation, currently (2023), the best DNA testing company is:




Its database size is published on its story page: https://www.ancestry.com/corporate/about-ancestry/company-facts



According to their instruction, this is their database site: https://familytreedna.com/why-ftdna


It hasn’t provided any information about its database!

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